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  1. 201.
    The invention relates to a connection assembly of an engine pylon underneath a wing of an aircraft, the wing comprising a fitting, the engine pylon comprising a yoke inserted into the fitting and attached to said fitting via a through-axle system, comprising: -a main axle with a first shoulder at a blind end of axle...
    IPCOM000207987D | 2011-Jun-17
  2. 202.
    IPCOM000207986D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jun-17
  3. 203.
    This disclosure describes Unified Serdes
    IPCOM000207985D | 2011-Jun-17
  4. 204.
    This disclosure describes Reconfigurable and Lower-cost Burn-in Board for High-Power Burn-in System
    IPCOM000207984D | 2011-Jun-17
  5. 205.
    This disclosure describes Configurable Voltage Stabilization for Transceiver Power Supply Using Active Devices
    IPCOM000207983D | 2011-Jun-17
  6. 206.
    This disclosure describes PCIE-Gen 3 Pre-Emphasis Solution in Tx
    IPCOM000207982D | 2011-Jun-17
  7. 207.
    Disclosed is a method to enhance communication systems delivery failure features, and make such systems more intuitive and usable.
    IPCOM000207981D | 2011-Jun-17
  8. 208.
    Disclosed is a method for displaying email content such that the recipient can consume it within their available time frame.
    IPCOM000207980D | 2011-Jun-17
  9. 209.
    Disclosed is a system and method for improving the operation of personal transportation systems (e.g., elevators) particularly for enhancing safety and reducing energy. The system employs a pattern detector unit (PDU) and automated signal-sending unit (SSU) to optimize these tasks.
    IPCOM000207979D | 2011-Jun-17
  10. 210.
    ABSTRACT This invention is the use of metal or some other rigid material that is inserted into a non-elastomeric seal to increase its ability to operate in elevated temperatures and pressures that would normally permanently deform the seal and render it ineffective. In this case two types of metal rings were inserted...
    IPCOM000207978D | 2011-Jun-16