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  1. 211.
    Control of hydraulic equipment installed in a well is typically via stainless steel control line connecting the downhole hydraulic equipment to a pressure source outside the well. This communication circuit (see Figure 1) will typically penetrate the tubing hanger at the top of the well. In some cases it is either...
    IPCOM000207977D | 2011-Jun-16
  2. 212.
    Mechanical Aspects - The following concepts describe alternative methods of creating and controlling vibration downhole during the gravel pack operations that do not use the mechanical rotation of the work string (drill-pipe) to power the vibration. These devices are powered by methods other than mechanical motion of...
    IPCOM000207976D | 2011-Jun-16
  3. 213.
    Disclosed is an apparatus to prevent an end user from fully installing blade servers into a chassis without the top cover installed. The main component of the invention is a spring-loaded plunger on the rear bulkhead of the blade server which prevents the blade power connecters from seating when the cover is off.
    IPCOM000207975D | 2011-Jun-16
  4. 214.
    A method and system for Near Field Communication (NFC) between components in a system chassis is disclosed.
    IPCOM000207974D | 2011-Jun-16
  5. 215.
    A method and system is provided for controlling temperature of a battery based on power supplied to the battery. The temperature of the battery is controlled by adjusting speeds of fans used for maintaining the temperature of the battery.
    IPCOM000207973D | 2011-Jun-16
  6. 216.
    A method and system for connecting a working and a non-working system is disclosed. The system includes an Information Management Model (IMM) installed on a non-working system to display Serial Over LAN (SOL) traffic to a directly attached working system.
    IPCOM000207972D | 2011-Jun-16
  7. 217.
    Described is a programmable voltage adjustable regulator on memory module. Application of this technique enables optimization of the memory array voltage level for improved yield, performance, and reliability without the logistical costs associated with carrying multiple part numbers.
    IPCOM000207971D | 2011-Jun-16
  8. 218.
    In chat programs, usually a file transfer is made peer to peer. Under some circumstances, this is not the preferred way, since some devices may not have enough storage or the receiver may not be logged on. We used a file server to store the files, and by providing a URL to another device, the receiver is able to...
    IPCOM000207955D | 2011-Jun-16
  9. 219.
    TV is a big display which would be shared by multiple people. However, it is not too difficult to make multiple people watch a different view on the same display.
    IPCOM000207956D | 2011-Jun-16
  10. 220.
    This invention describes a software program that renders a 3D piano that plays the notes on the piano using data from a MIDI file. In addition the software program renders the pianist's 3D hands. The software program has an algorithm that generates optimal fingering and plays the notes using optimum fingering. In...
    IPCOM000207957D | 2011-Jun-16