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  1. 221.
    Two ideas are implemented within video conferencing (VC) software. 1. Idea 1 gives the illusion that everyone on a video conference between one or more locations are in the same room 2. Idea 2 helps reduce bandwidth used for video conferencing The invention reduces bandwidth needed to send video conference data and,...
    IPCOM000207958D | 2011-Jun-16
  2. 222.
    Electronic proximity leash for mobile products
    IPCOM000207959D | 2011-Jun-16
  3. 223.
    Internet technologies use both server side scripting, nowadays mostly done in PHP or ASP, as well as client side scripting, typically done in JavaScript, to create dynamic websites and interactive web content. Server side programming has been used to output client side scripts, but these scripts were readily written...
    IPCOM000207961D | 2011-Jun-16
  4. 224.
    This invention allows the user to use a second smartphone in conjunction with their primary smartphone.
    IPCOM000207966D | 2011-Jun-16
  5. 225.
    There so many codec, some codec is for picture compression, some are audio compression, some are video compression. Usually, codec used in service is decided in service provider, and client side, such as internet TV need to support these codec in order to decode contents provided by the service provider. The...
    IPCOM000207969D | 2011-Jun-16
  6. 226.
    With this invention, when a device with a gyro sensor and/or accelerometer detects an emergency condition, such as an earthquake, it sends notification and/or message to the client devices.
    IPCOM000207970D | 2011-Jun-16
  7. 227.
    Disclosed is a mechanism to identify down-level Fcode for adapters during partition boot. Discovery of down-level FCode during early boot eliminates known issues in adapter FCode and mitigates unknown issues, saving problem investigation time.
    IPCOM000207967D | 2011-Jun-16
  8. 228.
    In a complex solution environment like Smart Analytics Systems, where various kind (servers, storage, switches) of software, middleware, firmware, Operating System exists, it is a challenge to perform maintenance tasks (updating critical fixes or upgrading from lower version to higher version), as dependency of the...
    IPCOM000207965D | 2011-Jun-16
  9. 229.
    It is a common activity for a user to control multiple systems from a single keyboard and mouse via a software interface. This invention is based around using an image input device on the remote system(s) to automatically read the local device info to configure the remote mouse/keyboard. This saves the user from...
    IPCOM000207963D | 2011-Jun-16
  10. 230.
    Sections of shoreline such as the water approach to a village or critical facilities or installations can be protected from tsunami wave fronts by employing one or more wave front energy vectoring or dissipation means, which include floating fins or vanes secured by cables to control their attitude and an anchor...
    IPCOM000207962D | 2011-Jun-16