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  1. 231.
    Please see attached image. This RC uses OLED keys that change depending on the current TV function. 1. QWERTY Input When a form field or search function is in focus, the RC displays a full QWERTY keypad in horizontal format. Each OLED key displays a single letter, e.g. "Q", "W", "E", etc. 2. Free space...
    IPCOM000207960D | 2011-Jun-16
  2. 232.
    Method and mechanism for providing automated hardware and software requirements validation during a change request
    IPCOM000207954D | 2011-Jun-16
  3. 233.
    The idea is targeted to customers who are using a locale not originally supported by the software product. When the user encounters an error or message requiring translation the product will query the "base language" bundle to retrieve the message. This message is then sent to one or more unique machine translation...
    IPCOM000207952D | 2011-Jun-16
  4. 234.
    Disclosed is a Software System that Prevents Recurring Program Crashes by tracking which data items are being processed when a system fault occurs, and taking Reduced Processing Steps for those items detected.
    IPCOM000207951D | 2011-Jun-16
  5. 235.
    How green is your web browsing? This article talks about using your geo location as part of the HTTP header to help estimate the energy used in delivering content to you. The geo location would also help data centers to make an informed decision on where to position their mirrors and caching servers, so that they can...
    IPCOM000207950D | 2011-Jun-16
  6. 236.
    Method for handling errors in a file system when operation backout cannot be performed.
    IPCOM000207949D | 2011-Jun-16
  7. 237.
    Signal integrity requirements for interconnection devices drive physical characteristics which sometimes are in contrast to what would be considered optimal for surface mount attach to a printed circuit board. One such physical characteristic is thicker, stiffer signal leads. Thicker signal leads place higher stress...
    IPCOM000207948D | 2011-Jun-16
  8. 238.
    This article describes a method and apparatus for segregating multiple aspects of system and enterprise management across a multi-sysplex enterprise.
    IPCOM000207947D | 2011-Jun-16
  9. 239.
    Disclosed is a pedal-driven mechanism to provide a shopper at a self-checkout point of sale station a basket in which to place their items.
    IPCOM000207946D | 2011-Jun-16
  10. 240.
    This article presents the concept of using the instant messaging system to provide the solution helping with the test automation. Using the instant messaging technology, the end user is able to book the test resources needed & schedule test execution on these resources.
    IPCOM000207945D | 2011-Jun-16