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    A method and system for stacking calendar entry based on priority is disclosed. The method allows ordering calendar entries based on their priority. A user who enters a new event in a calendar is asked to prioritize events in case of an event overlap. Accordingly, the events are ordered in the calendar schedule...
    IPCOM000208292D | 2011-Jun-29
  2. 22.
    A method and system is provided to automatically initiate a conference call for participants of the conference call. A participant of the conference call provides contact information along with time settings for initiating the conference call that are used for reaching the participant to initiate the conference...
    IPCOM000208291D | 2011-Jun-29
  3. 23.
    Disclosed is a method and system for securely enabling mobile applications within an enterprise while still adhering to corporate standards and policies. The approach leverages an intermediary service through which mobile devices are required to tunnel prior to gaining access to a private network. This service...
    IPCOM000208290D | 2011-Jun-29
  4. 24.
    This invention presents a new way of collaboration between development/test and other roles by embedding testability information into Web Application. The testability information is a common language for development/test. Development adds testability information(including business logic) into web application during...
    IPCOM000208289D | 2011-Jun-29
  5. 25.
    This invention presents a method/system to give email users suggestions on dealing with emails. Contact list can built based on email relationship automatically. The system provides action suggestions function which saves user’s time greatly. Further more, this invention helsp user maintain the list on which note...
    IPCOM000208288D | 2011-Jun-29
  6. 26.
    This invention presents a method/system to remove changes of certain work item in SCM(Software Configuration Management), even the changes are in middle versions. It provides a method to track changes along with versions. If the changes are not changed in later versions by other work items, remove the changes...
    IPCOM000208287D | 2011-Jun-29
  7. 27.
    IPCOM000208286D | 2011-Jun-29
  8. 28.
    ASSEMBLY OF A WIRE AND AN ELECTRICAL CONTACT AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE An electrical wire has an electrically insulating outer sheath around a core. A seal (11) is made of an incompressible material and provided around the sheath. An electrical contact has a front portion for electrical contact with a mating...
    IPCOM000208281D | 2011-Jun-29
  9. 29.
    Method being described in this article is applicable for systems built in agent/sub-agent model where master agent and sub-agents are implemented as separated processes. Those processes exchange communication messages. The purpose of presented method is to define consistent, easy to implement and use solution for...
    IPCOM000208274D | 2011-Jun-29
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    ENCLOSURE AND ELECTRICAL PLUG COMPRISING SUCH AN ENCLOSURE An enclosure comprising: - a wall, - a door mounted on the wall, - a bistable urging system which comprises: . a guide (14) in fixed relationship to the wall, . a urging spring (17), . an integral body (18), . an actuator, wherein the cam surface of the...
    IPCOM000208273D | 2011-Jun-29