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  1. 71.
    This publication provides a method for transporting a media history between devices and locations using a physical history mapping.
    IPCOM000208232D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jun-27
  2. 72.
    The innovation here is a joint lock design using Spring Applied Hydraulic Released (SAHR) brake calipers. There are three SAHR calipers used at three pin joints of a load command arm. A unique design of a brake handle enables release of all three calipers by means of actuating a master cylinder that develops ...
    IPCOM000208231D | 2011-Jun-27
  3. 73.
    Double breakaway boom lock using magnets to hold breakaway boom section in line with outer boom until magnetic force is exceeded allowing breakaway boom to swing out and away from impacting object. Resets with boom weight on incline and light spring force.
    IPCOM000208230D | 2011-Jun-27
  4. 74.
    Biochar is a coarse, dusty, dry substance that results from pyrolyzing biomass. The pyrolysis process uses heat without oxygen to produce oil, gas, and a solid charcoal. The charcoal has the ability to enhance poor soil when tilled into soil, and is known as biochar. The invention uses a deep rigid shank...
    IPCOM000208229D | 2011-Jun-27
  5. 75.
    Traction control systems exist in literature and patent references. However, the existing systems are not robust, do not function well in complex off-road terrain, require a great deal of energy, and are not applicable to intelligent vehicle systems. An intelligent traction system can take advantage of the...
    IPCOM000208228D | 2011-Jun-27
  6. 76.
    In polarization diversity receivers, such as are used for coherent reception, the polarization of the light which is to be detected is typically unknown, while the light of the local oscillator is typically provided by a laser with a polarization maintaining output. In such a system, the receiver is comprised of two...
    IPCOM000208227D | 2011-Jun-27
  7. 77.
    In this proposal, assertions included in debugger internally are used to help check the correctness of writing register. The assertion is a predicate (i.e., a true–false statement) placed in a debugger to indicate that the tool developer thinks that the predicate is always true at that place. For example, ‘A’ register...
    IPCOM000208226D | 2011-Jun-27
  8. 78.
    Wasserführende Haushaltsgeräte können zur Erhöhung der Wassersicherheit ein so genanntes Aquastop aufweisen. Im Falle einer Leckage wird das austretende Wasser auf einer Bodenabdeckung gesammelt und über eine Auslöseeinheit mit einem Schwimmer und einem elektrischen Schwimmerschalter eine Abschaltung der Zulaufventile...
    IPCOM000208225D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jun-27
  9. 79.
    A seals for use between two connected flanges comprise a metallic base plate which on both sides is covered with a sealing material being compressed between the flanges. This invention will enable that the material is compressed better and will enable a leak proof seal. This is done by limiting the area of the base...
    IPCOM000208224D | 2011-Jun-27
  10. 80.
    IPCOM000208201D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jun-27