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    IPCOM000209192D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jul-31
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    IPCOM000209186D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jul-30
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    A solution is invented for manufacturing magnetic media with sub-nanometer thin lubricant. The first step creates the targeted thin thickness of a bonded lubricant layer. The second step coats an additional layer of slowly evaporating non-bonded lubricant.The additional non-fuctional lubricant takes the disks through...
    IPCOM000209185D | 2011-Jul-29
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    IaaS type public cloud provides Windows, Linux and other operating system instances as virtual machines. In same cases, users can access them with User Id and Password-only authentication. For example, to access a Linux instance, they can use ssh with key-exchange method. In this case, if a private ssh key is not...
    IPCOM000209184D | 2011-Jul-29
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    Disclosed is a method to gather multiple snapshots of an operating system reaching its error threshold. Using logarithmic polling, this method provides a more efficient way to track errors and predict possible future failures.
    IPCOM000209183D | 2011-Jul-29
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    we always open a lot of windows at one time in our daily work and most of them may be in the same context. For example, to complete a task, we may need to open several applications and interact with them. When we input something in one window, we need to refer to some information showing in other windows. But there is...
    IPCOM000209182D | 2011-Jul-29
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    Bei Röntgengeräten muss der Röntgenstrahler derartig angeordnet sein, dass der Strahlungskegel möglichst vollständig auf den Strahlungsdetektor fällt. C-Bogen-Röntgengeräte stellen dies gemäß ihrer Bauart sicher. Der Röntgenstrahler und der Röntgendetektor sind einander gegenüberliegend angeordnet, wobei die...
    IPCOM000209181D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jul-29
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    Bei der Steuerung von Elektroenergiesystemen spielt die Datenverarbeitung eine große Rolle. Hierbei ist es wichtig, dass Kommunikationsnetze keine redundanten Netzpfade, sprich Schleifen, besitzen, um eine Duplikation der Datenpakete und daraus folgende Fehlfunktionen im Netz zu vermeiden. Hierfür gibt es das STP...
    IPCOM000209180D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jul-29
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    IPCOM000209179D | 2011-Jul-29
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    By their nature, messaging architectures based on messaging systems have a very broad base in terms of the number of platforms they can encompass, and the number of queue managing artifacts, storage artifacts and communication channels they contain. Very often in a single messaging architecture a large number...
    IPCOM000209178D | 2011-Jul-29