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  1. 21.
    Standard testing method for network switch requires expensive packet generator that is capable of transmitting and receiving network traffic at the maximum throughput that the switch under test would able to handle using the smallest packet size to provide maximum stress to the switch’s CPU, memory and overall system...
    IPCOM000210359D | 2011-Aug-31
  2. 22.
    This method resolves the problem when user modify the local document which has been distributed to some people or some place. It's most likely the document which had been uploaded in remote server or sent to the others also needs update. With this method, when user saves the document, he/she will be prompted whether...
    IPCOM000210358D | 2011-Aug-31
  3. 23.
    The idea is that, we can necessarily mark browser windows with survival chance and organized them in 2 areas which have different window management strategies. Both user operation and browser can change window’s belonging area in a configurable way. Also, we can inform user of windows probability of being closed...
    IPCOM000210357D | 2011-Aug-31
  4. 24.
    The method and system proposed by this paper is a release planning with a help from visualization. It enables the user to participate the release planning and use the visualization technology to make user understand their preference and quickly identify the change requests candidates by combining the automatically...
    IPCOM000210356D | 2011-Aug-31
  5. 25.
    IPCOM000210355D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Aug-31
  6. 26.
    Disclosed is a unique approach for activating controls on cell phones that would limit their usage in running vehicles. The two-pronged approach includes both a device in the vehicle and a device in the phone that work together to enforce these controls.
    IPCOM000210354D | 2011-Aug-31
  7. 27.
    The present idea relates to a closed loop spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system consisting of an implanted pulse generator and an electrode array used to treat pain symptoms. A concept of this idea relates to a device used to measure the presence of cyclooxygenase enzymes (COX) which are mediators for the production of...
    IPCOM000210353D | 2011-Aug-30
  8. 28.
    Slot die coating is a useful process for preparing a variety of coatings. The quality and manufacturability of these coatings is strongly influenced by the coating formulation and materials. We have found the following solvents, polymers, curable monomers, polymerization initiators, coating aid additives, particles,...
    IPCOM000210352D | 2011-Aug-30
  9. 29.
    Disclosed is a method to dynamically link new data into an existing Data Abstraction Model (DAM) in order to make it available for ad hoc querying.
    IPCOM000210351D | 2011-Aug-30
  10. 30.
    The present invention relates to a part for an automotive lamp comprising a lens. The invention is a technique to improve the quality of mold injected lens by generating an exaggerated sink portion on the lens at a position which is far from an injection point.
    IPCOM000210349D | 2011-Aug-30