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    This idea proposes development of a system where a programmatic interface is provided for remote applications to access a multifunction device's copy functions. Today's User Interface (UI) designs are complicated due to the many features and functions that are to be made available to the user. The proposed...
    IPCOM000210348D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Print stations can run short on countertop space quickly with the large variety of papers that can be loaded and unloaded throughout the day. Typically, the tops of the feeders, stackers, etc. turn into extra storage space. This idea proposes to “build in” a tabletop work surface to a print station that extends beyond...
    IPCOM000210347D | 2011-Aug-30
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    The “Poster” or “Billboard” feature has been commonly available for cut-sheet printers for a very long time (e.g., many home printers have this capability included as part of their software driver). In this feature, software splits a single image into multiple parts and prints each part on a different piece of paper....
    IPCOM000210346D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Xerographic print engines have a developer system to dispense toner and develop print images. Current developer systems use a single speed auger which is driven off the print engine’s main motor to add toner at a constant rate, when toner is needed for replenishment. This idea proposes an independently driven,...
    IPCOM000210345D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Solid Ink (hot melt) printers use an ink material that is solid at room temperature and must be heated to a certain temperature before it has the proper viscosity to be moved through an ink path. Electrically activated solenoid valves are typically used to directly control the flow of ink, and they must reach the...
    IPCOM000210344D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a Global Data Translation Architecture that provides a cost-effective, automated service to convert Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD) application data to neutral viewing formats to enable design collaboration and review.
    IPCOM000210343D | 2011-Aug-30
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    This article talks about a Decision Support System (DSS) to assist Resource & Capacity Planning Managers (RCM) in a large IT Services delivery organization to make organizationally optimal decisions for job fulfillement, via rotation of resources to more demanding roles backed up with another suitable resource. In a...
    IPCOM000210342D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a Multiple Modes Smartphone which provides a Context aware execution environment switching and management mechanism in a more secured environment, and also protects the privacy of employee's own data.
    IPCOM000210341D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is to provide a device including an agent-based application which will take two roles : activity publisher and activity subscriber. The publisher agent will monitor activities of specific applications/services on the computing device with publisher installed and dispatch the activities to all predefined...
    IPCOM000210340D | 2011-Aug-30
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    SNA communication at ethernet environment identifies the destination node with MAC address and SAP. The issues have occurred because only one MAC address can be used for sharing OSA between LPARs. This function resolves those issues by adding the ability that converts MAC address and SAP in the switching hub.
    IPCOM000210339D | 2011-Aug-30