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    IPCOM000210338D | 2011-Aug-30
  2. 42.
    A system and method for ingredient usage and traceability unit planning is provided. First, a process that connects the ERP system, MES system and other system is proposed to provide the ingredient usage planning functionality. Then, a group of optimization model for batch optimization is proposed to minimize the...
    IPCOM000210337D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Nowadays when people want to share a specific paragraph or line of one document to others through email or IM(instant messenger), he/she has to tell the receiver orally or through some real-time communication tools(ex,IM,etc.) This method will define the shared position of document as anchor which will be attached...
    IPCOM000210336D | 2011-Aug-30
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    The proposed system, based on the CDC method, aims to improve deduplication efficiency for compressed archives. Client will communicate with server to find whether there is compressed-archives containing similar files on the server side when backing up compressed archives. If the matched one is found, client will...
    IPCOM000210335D | 2011-Aug-30
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    The core idea we are proposing is to identify images with similar intent included in multiple documents and replace them with a single unique image,thereby help causing block level deduplication effectively.
    IPCOM000210334D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a system in which a global and application environment sharing the same loader (Global machine and WPARs/Containers/Corals share the same loader) then the execution will depend on loader of the Global environment. In this situation if we enable any of the security feature like Trusted execution,...
    IPCOM000210333D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a system for system-call attribute based security control where the security is provided based on the attribute of the command or the attribute of the system call.The core idea of our invention lies in the restricting access based on the attribute of the command or the attribute of the system call. ...
    IPCOM000210332D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is an idea to provide a mechanism that allows the placement of suitable data on the right kind of disks based on ILM policies / migration utility parameters in a Storage Cloud Environment.
    IPCOM000210331D | 2011-Aug-30
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    This invention talks about coming up with some value-added services for ATM users with the objective to increase customer satisfaction and ease-of-use. The main problem addressed is the lack of runtime information about an ATM kiosk. Information such as queue length at ATM, cash and denominition availability, list...
    IPCOM000210330D | 2011-Aug-30
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    Described here in is a method for opimized sending of emails where the system intelligently compares the content of an email being sent to other email content already received by same or other users in the receiving email server and copies the content from those account(s) instead of transferring the content...
    IPCOM000210329D | 2011-Aug-30