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  1. 571.
    This disclosure proposes the system and method to rate the food safety risks by analyzing and leveraging distributed traceability data, which can dynamically and highly efficiently determine key risk factors and their relations to safety risks. The proposed system, firstly, computes the sub-food safety rating model...
    IPCOM000209376D | 2011-Aug-02
  2. 572.
    IPCOM000209375D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Aug-02
  3. 573.
    Synchronous replication is used in situations that require zero RPO. This publication discloses a method that applies to configurations with 'n' synchronous sites, where n>2. The disclosed method is for failover in case of primary site failover, such that the remaining n-1 sites can be optimally re-silvered.
    IPCOM000209374D | 2011-Aug-02
  4. 574.
    Disclosed is a design for system-wide forced flashing from a centralized image. The method uses a pluggable device which makes the process of updating code, especially when a system contains multiple blocks, more efficient.
    IPCOM000209306D | 2011-Aug-01
  5. 575.
    A method and system is provided for inserting and removing USB keys within an Integrated Test Equipment (ITE) enclosure.
    IPCOM000209305D | 2011-Aug-01
  6. 576.
    reFlex™ 100, Palatinol® DPHP, Hexamoll® DINCH, and combinations thereof are used to replace Palatinol® N in plastisol and thermoplastic applications.
    IPCOM000209303D | 2011-Aug-01
  7. 577.
    Disclosed is a method for reporting structural differences between data models using hyperlinks. The method incorporates a series of tables to represent the tree structures usually applied to difference reports.
    IPCOM000209235D | 2011-Aug-01
  8. 578.
    Disclosed is an automated system to detect the number of carts in a checkout queue and a method to display that number to customers so that they can make a better-informed decision as to which checkout lane to enter.
    IPCOM000209234D | 2011-Aug-01
  9. 579.
    Disclosed is a system for automatically cleansing produce and other items at a point of sale station after the transaction has been completed and before the customer takes their purchases home.
    IPCOM000209233D | 2011-Aug-01
  10. 580.
    A method and system for performing reliability test of touch screens using a solenoid and a mouse ball is disclosed.
    IPCOM000209232D | 2011-Aug-01