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  1. 111.
    This paper describes a rework procedure for a touch display. The procedure involves delaminating the touch display from its housing. A thermal process is used to weaken the bond strength of the adhesive, which holds the display to the housing. The weakened adhesive allows the touch display to be removed from the...
    IPCOM000211153D | 2011-Sep-22
  2. 112.
    This paper describes an anisotropically conductive adhesive film with superior adhesion to thermoplastic substrates (for example polyester film) after bonding. The anisotropic conductive adhesive comprises a maleimide terminated polyimide resin, a styrene – butadiene – styrene block copolymer, a terpene phenolic...
    IPCOM000211152D | 2011-Sep-22
  3. 113.
    IPCOM000211151D | 2011-Sep-22
  4. 114.
    IPCOM000211150D | 2011-Sep-22
  5. 115.
    IPCOM000211149D | 2011-Sep-22
  6. 116.
    IPCOM000211148D | 2011-Sep-22
  7. 117.
    In this work, we introduce tagging for microkernel-based operating systems. Tagging is a mechanism through which information can be propagated between threads whenever they communicate, without necessarily modifying their source code. We show that applications can use tagging for various purposes, such as tracing,...
    IPCOM000211147D | 2011-Sep-22
  8. 118.
    A method and system for managing configuration of a hardware device in a collaborative management environment is disclosed. The method allows users to communicate and coordinate with one another while configuring the hardware device from multiple management consoles thereby avoiding any confusing or...
    IPCOM000211146D | 2011-Sep-22
  9. 119.
    Disclosed is a social networking system that monitors the posts made by multiple users and identifies those that refer to the same discrete content object. The invention is intended to allow a user to view related information regarding very specific objects from a user?s post.
    IPCOM000211145D | 2011-Sep-22
  10. 120.
    Disclosed is an automated wake up system and service that alerts drowsy travelers as to when their transportation is arriving and they need to board, or when they are arriving at their destination and need to prepare to disembark. The system utilizes a combination of Global Positioning System and biofeedback...
    IPCOM000211144D | 2011-Sep-22