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  1. 121.
    Disclosed is a method to gather, associate, and parse the information relative to the text in an email based on all of the data available based on intersection points.
    IPCOM000211143D | 2011-Sep-22
  2. 122.
    Disclosed is an autonomic alarm that adapts to a specific user?s behavior and schedule for the purposes of optimizing wake-up time and other event notification. The system considers the underlying semantic context of calendar events, historical user behavior, future events (and the importance of the same), and...
    IPCOM000211142D | 2011-Sep-22
  3. 123.
    A method and system for displaying real-time targeted advertisements based on user image, social information and current location.
    IPCOM000211141D | 2011-Sep-22
  4. 124.
    A method and system for enabling a user to view a profile of the user, corresponding to a target date. For example, the system will enable a user to view a profile on a social interaction platform corresponding to a prior date specified by the user.
    IPCOM000211140D | 2011-Sep-22
  5. 125.
    A process to obtain pure Abiraterone Acetate [3β-ACETYL-17-PYRIDIN-3-YL)-ANDROSTA-5,16-DIENE] and its crystalline form are disclosed.
    IPCOM000211139D | 2011-Sep-22
  6. 126.
    Commonly, capability testing is used to identify the system's capability to handle the peak load, so system resource usage increases with the time and workload until reaching the peak usage. But during cloud performance test, in order to offer high quality service, we need to take test with constraint requirement get...
    IPCOM000211138D | 2011-Sep-22
  7. 127.
    A sending vessel, comprising two blowing tanks and utilizing dry-feed gasification technology is disclosed. The sending vessel described herein enables pre-mixing of gas and solid phase in a vessel before discharging into a pipeline. Such a technique of pre-mixing of gas and solid phase resolves rat holing and bridge...
    IPCOM000211137D | 2011-Sep-22
  8. 128.
    A technique to discharge solid powder or a blend of powders with a high discharge rate using pneumatic conveyance technology is disclosed. The discharge technique comprises a blowing tank with two stages, referred to herein as a first stage and second stage. The discharge technique described herein increases the flow...
    IPCOM000211136D | 2011-Sep-22
  9. 129.
    The present technique discloses means for enabling a scaffold less tissue engineering practice within a practical bioreactor. Further, the scaffold less tissue engineering practice uses magnetic fields to align cells in desired geometries. Moreover, the present technique minimizes significant fringe fields that can...
    IPCOM000211135D | 2011-Sep-22
  10. 130.
    A method for increasing efficiency of an organic solar cell is disclosed. The method proposes to utilize semiconductor quantum dots nanocrystals at interface of electron and hole conducting polymers in a diblock copolymer organic solar cell. The quantum dots function as strong absorbers of ambient light and are...
    IPCOM000211134D | 2011-Sep-22