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  1. 141.
    Using a windowing operating system often involves two steps when starting an application - opening it - and then moving it within the display so it is arranged sympathetically with other applications. This disclosure describes how this can be made easier by having pre-defined areas of the main window which has...
    IPCOM000211123D | 2011-Sep-21
  2. 142.
    The main idea here is to generate automatically documentation on a project from the REXX source itself when no documentation was provided.
    IPCOM000211122D | 2011-Sep-21
  3. 143.
    IPCOM000211121D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Sep-21
  4. 144.
    In automotive cluster applications the display image is actually a combination of various layers. At any pixel depending on the layer priority a particular higher priority data is displayed. The more layers supported in the system, the more bandwidth support is required such that the bandwidth becomes the blocking...
    IPCOM000211120D | 2011-Sep-20
  5. 145.
    The paper presents the complete process of modeling a realistic environment using the package model hooked up with ADC and On Chip SMPS to observe the impact of SMPS noise on ADC performance and measure the amount of degradation in the Signal to Noise Ratio due to noise generated from the regulator being coupled to...
    IPCOM000211119D | 2011-Sep-20
  6. 146.
    A method and system for advanced metallization using liner process is disclosed. The method utilizes a liner on a substrate to perform metallization of complex and dense substrate.
    IPCOM000211118D | 2011-Sep-20
  7. 147.
    A method and system for automatically replacing old data with new data in an enterprise environment is disclosed. The method includes mining a source document, identifying a change made to a field in the source document, validating the change by analyzing related fields and replacing old data with new data...
    IPCOM000211117D | 2011-Sep-20
  8. 148.
    Disclosed is a method for implementing additional shielding on high-speed connectors that applies a second level of shielding to suppress emissions. This consists of two levels of shielding, one of which contacts the existing connector and the formation of a waveguide that surrounds the optical cable that exits...
    IPCOM000211116D | 2011-Sep-20
  9. 149.
    Disclosed is a method and system for tracking status of a message by a sender. The system uses an activity counter to keep track of messages sent by a sender. When the sender sends the email to a receiver, the system keeps track of actions performed by the receiver.
    IPCOM000211115D | 2011-Sep-20
  10. 150.
    Described is a design for intelligent, automatic phase balancing within a rack power distribution unit (PDU). The automatic method eliminates the need to take measurements and the complication of manually repositioning equipment by physically moving PDU output receptacle jumper cords from one receptacle to...
    IPCOM000211114D | 2011-Sep-20