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  1. 151.
    Described is an SRAM write assist technique optimized for a dual-port SRAM cell.
    IPCOM000211113D | 2011-Sep-20
  2. 152.
    Described is a method to detect hollow glass fibers used in the construction of printed circuit boards. Laser scanners are used to detect refractive indices of single fiber and compared with known refractive indices for hollow and solid fibers.
    IPCOM000211112D | 2011-Sep-20
  3. 153.
    Described is a connector comprising a multiplicity of mechanical switching elements that provides passthrough connectivity in the absence of a card and blocks connection to downstream connectors when a card is inserted. Utilizing this connector allows the user to connect to any number of dissimilar cards connected...
    IPCOM000211111D | 2011-Sep-20
  4. 154.
    Described is a method to incorporate a secondary material on the end of the blade which changes shape as required.
    IPCOM000211110D | 2011-Sep-20
  5. 155.
    Described is a method and circuit for implementing a global program voltage of fuse memory. The core idea of this circuit is to remove the pass gate that exists between the program voltage and the fuse cell so that the IR drop that decreases current to the fuse cell is removed.
    IPCOM000211109D | 2011-Sep-20
  6. 156.
    Described is a mechanism for firmware access of chip hardware registers is provided which uses multiple access protocols for robust, reliable operation while presenting a single seamless interface to the user in which failover access protocols are automatically activated if errors occur thus providing...
    IPCOM000211108D | 2011-Sep-20
  7. 157.
    A method for using a sample coil to add a small volume of solution into a Hollow Fiber Bioreactor.
    IPCOM000211107D | 2011-Sep-20
  8. 158.
    The use of an external knowledge-base to augment existing information being ingested into an Entity Resolution or Identity Resolution system enhances the ability of the Entity or Identity Resolution system to find 'weak signal' matches between potential Entities (Persons) or Identities (Data records) of interest.
    IPCOM000211106D | 2011-Sep-20
  9. 159.
    Disclosed is a system and method that tracks a sent email and notifies all recipients when one of the recipients is composing a response. In addition, the system determines who is a subject matter expert in the subject/topic of the email and notifies others when a subject matter expert should be responding.
    IPCOM000211105D | 2011-Sep-20
  10. 160.
    Disclosed is a method which applies a linking mechanism to local context and baselines in order to define and capture composite contexts and baselines. This provides more flexibility for managing composite contexts and baselines across a multiple of SCMs and repositories.
    IPCOM000211104D | 2011-Sep-20