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    IPCOM000211103D | 2011-Sep-20
  2. 162.
    IPCOM000211102D | 2011-Sep-20
  3. 163.
    IPCOM000211101D | 2011-Sep-20
  4. 164.
    Es wird beschrieben eine Heizvorrichtung mit einem PTC-Heizelement und einem Wärmeübertrager.
    IPCOM000211100D | 2011-Sep-20
  5. 165.
    In the world of Enterprise SOA, It is a very important factor how to implement a Service Registry/Repository (R/R),andWSDL management methods to manage a service are important too.We marshal method type and there are three WSDL management methods,but each method has an issue.In this invention, we relate each WSDL...
    IPCOM000211099D | 2011-Sep-20
  6. 166.
    The invention relates generally to electronic system for document verification. In particular, the invention relates to the provision of creating, storing, and verifying documents electronically.
    IPCOM000211098D | 2011-Sep-20
  7. 167.
    IPCOM000211097D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Sep-20
  8. 168.
    Improve building operations by efficiently monitoring building management systems (BMS), analyzing historical equipment operation data, and processing real-time BMS events. BMS provide a full range of monitored data that relates to building equipment operation (e.g. AC units, transformers, water heaters, etc)....
    IPCOM000211096D | 2011-Sep-19
  9. 169.
    This invention relates to packaging and methods used to secure shipping loads to certain types of wooden skids or pallets in order to reduce or eliminate the shifting of stacked loads by providing a vertical anchor post(s). The vertical anchor post(s) allow the application of additional or improved binding materials...
    IPCOM000211095D | 2011-Sep-19
  10. 170.
    The comparison of Common Data Model Objects could be a time and resource consuming process. However, by analyzing Discovery Library Adapter (DLA) books, there is a good chance that several objects have the same dependency tree. Therefore, comparing this dependency tree once and maintaining a list of...
    IPCOM000211094D | 2011-Sep-19