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  1. 171.
    This article describes a method for sending sensitive information over a phone in situations where speaking that information may cause the information to be compromised.
    IPCOM000211093D | 2011-Sep-19
  2. 172.
    Typically software product and/or application use a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) / Internet Protocol (IP) network port to listen for incoming communications from applications/users. There are many occasions in which there is a contention for the same network port and applications stop working since the port is...
    IPCOM000211092D | 2011-Sep-19
  3. 173.
    Over time file sizes have both grown in size and frequency of transmission. Currently large files may be 100’s of MBs or TBs in size (referred to as Big Data). Multiple solutions have been devised to solve this problem. This paper discusses a method that allows for the transfer of Large Files (Big Data) between...
    IPCOM000210977D | 2011-Sep-19
  4. 174.
    A method and system for scrolling a user interface by tilting a mobile device is disclosed. An accelerometer senses the tilting of the mobile device and based on the parameters associated with the tilting, the scrolling of the user interface is controlled to provide greater user experience to the user of the...
    IPCOM000210976D | 2011-Sep-19
  5. 175.
    Disclosed is a novel use of heat sensitive polymers as a safety measure in monitoring electronic component/cable health.
    IPCOM000210975D | 2011-Sep-19
  6. 176.
    Disclosed is a design for a blade sharpener in a point of sale printer that maintains the blades and extends their life even with the use of lower-quality paper.
    IPCOM000210974D | 2011-Sep-19
  7. 177.
    Disclosed is a method which utilizes communication between a consumer’s personal device (PD) and a product’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag to couple data from the product with data from the product owner. This allows retailers and service providers to more efficiently and accurately offer related...
    IPCOM000210973D | 2011-Sep-19
  8. 178.
    Disclosed is an automated method to infer human (passenger) mobility patterns occupying the taxicabs. The approach utilizes information from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in conjunction with the algorithm derived from the stretch factor concept to identify human mobility patterns in taxicabs.
    IPCOM000210972D | 2011-Sep-19
  9. 179.
    A method and system for providing a solution for a user to obtain search results regarding a topic directly from all websites of an organization via an online help page of the organization is disclosed. The method and system further discloses receiving Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds by the user for the...
    IPCOM000210971D | 2011-Sep-19
  10. 180.
    Disclosed are a method and system of marking IM messages and chat logs as confidential. The invention provides a mechanism by which a person involved in a chat session can mark either the message or the chat session as confidential before delivering the message(s).
    IPCOM000210970D | 2011-Sep-19