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  1. 181.
    A method and system is provided for handling interruptions encountered by a user. Interruptions of different types are assigned different priorities. The user may choose to respond to an interruption based on a priority assigned to the interruption.
    IPCOM000210969D | 2011-Sep-19
  2. 182.
    Disclosed are a system and method for quorum detection. Quorum detection occurs when people aligned on a given common thread or context are detected as collaborating together, either physically in the same location or extended electronically. The system detects the location proximity and shares it with other...
    IPCOM000210968D | 2011-Sep-19
  3. 183.
    Disclosed is a system which allows a user to quickly reference an email/calendar entry/to-do document from an instant message in a chat window. This is made possible through the integration of Instant Messaging and email.
    IPCOM000210967D | 2011-Sep-19
  4. 184.
    Disclosed is an enhancement to current email systems which allows senders to easily include new recipients, who came into the thread via a forwarded message, on all subsequent messages in the email thread. At the time of forwarding, the sender is simply presented with the option to include the new recipient in the...
    IPCOM000210966D | 2011-Sep-19
  5. 185.
    Es wird beschrieben ein Heizelement mit einem PTC-Heizkörper, welcher mehrere Seitenflächen aufweist.
    IPCOM000210965D | 2011-Sep-19
  6. 186.
    IPCOM000210964D | 2011-Sep-19
  7. 187.
    The IT infrastructure of nowadays companies is typically build up by a broad range of business applications. These business applications support concrete business functions for particular business units. Middleware technology has been introduced to integrate the various business applications with each other...
    IPCOM000210963D | 2011-Sep-19
  8. 188.
    This article provides a way to define an effective method and system to dynamically discover cloud services and collect their status from different sources (events, database queries, ..) in order to show their availability and their business impacts specifically related to customers owning the systems to garantee...
    IPCOM000210962D | 2011-Sep-19
  9. 189.
    We describe a method to share, between different sessions with a cloud service, the browser configuration (like the bookmarks or cookies). The described method can be generalized to the configuration of any software.
    IPCOM000210961D | 2011-Sep-19
  10. 190.
    A method and a system are disclosed for a unified management of virtual machine snapshots in a data center where potentially different kinds of hypervisors may be available.The goal is to view and manage from a single management application all the virtual machines snapshots having also the capability to compare...
    IPCOM000210960D | 2011-Sep-19