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  1. 191.
    A method to build cluster-aware acoustic models for non cluster-aware speech recognizers applying principles of speech clustering (speech separation in broad classes) to language components of the model (phonetics and language model) and retaining some of the performance advantages of cluster-aware speech recognizers.
    IPCOM000210959D | 2011-Sep-19
  2. 192.
    Disclosed is a smart scrollbar, capable of remembering positions on which the user spent more time. Those position are probably interesting to the user and the scrollbar provides an additional functionality to easily return to them.
    IPCOM000210958D | 2011-Sep-19
  3. 193.
    Disclosed is a language balancer module that acts on language for content consumed by the user on a device.
    IPCOM000210957D | 2011-Sep-19
  4. 194.
    Disclosed is a browser-based method to display a webpage preview that corresponds to the click location shown on the thumbnail from the search results list.
    IPCOM000210956D | 2011-Sep-19
  5. 195.
    A method and system for specifying a license level entitlement for an application based on the number of user transactions on the application is disclosed.
    IPCOM000210955D | 2011-Sep-19
  6. 196.
    Disclosed is a method of maintaining the integrity of the data in a content repository within an Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) that is used by multiple applications. The solution enables an optional association between content in the ECM store with an application or group of applications eligible for...
    IPCOM000210954D | 2011-Sep-19
  7. 197.
    Disclosed is a method to maintain the information to locate the search argument for an alternate call sequence for a database, where, from this point, it is called as the primary database. The system internally uses this search argument information to retrieve the actual search argument data for the alternate call...
    IPCOM000210953D | 2011-Sep-19
  8. 198.
    Disclosed is an economical solution to database management system users to reuse their existing applications to leverage temporal features without any application changes. The approach is a two-tiered solution that is built into the database management system and provides users the ability to reuse their applications...
    IPCOM000210952D | 2011-Sep-19
  9. 199.
    A method is provided to optimize comparison of compressed Business Time without Overlaps (BTWO) indexes. A BTWO comparison algorithm is disclosed that ensures uniqueness of two rows of data with same non-business time keyparts during any moment in time.
    IPCOM000210951D | 2011-Sep-19
  10. 200.
    Disclosed is a method to retrieve stored data in a manner which is tolerant to changes in the underlying implementation. The method is user configurable and does not require software modifications.
    IPCOM000210950D | 2011-Sep-19