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    Disclosed is a computing model that can be applied to the end to end real-time traffic data processing. Based on existing traffic data collection systems popularly used as the industry situation, this disclosure proposes three new layers, including edge computing based traffic data integration, cloud computing based...
    IPCOM000211243D | 2011-Sep-29
  2. 22.
    Project documentation is used to define the way in which a project will be managed and the governance surrounding it. During the life cycle of a typical project, a project manager generally produce up and maintain masses of documentation to facilitate the planning, tracking and reporting of the project. Therefore,...
    IPCOM000211242D | 2011-Sep-29
  3. 23.
    In this article, a situational content presentation system and its related methods are proposed. The system captures and analyzes environment and audience factors for determining what to present and how to present. In this context, environment factors include but not limit to the type of audience, number of audience...
    IPCOM000211241D | 2011-Sep-29
  4. 24.
    An input device is designed that contain multiple keys which can sense both press-down-signal and finger movement on the keys. In addition to traditional key’s function, it can also control cursor movement to any directions. The combination of multiple keys can provide advanced function
    IPCOM000211240D | 2011-Sep-29
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    The disclosure proposes a system and method for automatic control of valves to minimize the rainfall pollution by real time optimizing based on multiple sensor data. There is an analysis engine for the pollution cost evaluation based on different data resources (e.g. real time sensor data). And there is an...
    IPCOM000211239D | 2011-Sep-29
  6. 26.
    This disclosure proposed a new system and method for receiver list re-ranking according to virtual relationship between all receivers and current receiver. Receiver’s contact repository is made up name and address and also a virtual relationship score. The score composes of basic points according to static...
    IPCOM000211238D | 2011-Sep-29
  7. 27.
    This disclosure is a system and method to support the high-frequency service-oriented workflows in IoT environment. In detail, this disclosure provides: a virtual thread instance management; a dynamic thread allocation method based on the load balance analysis among individual workflow steps; and the event handling...
    IPCOM000211237D | 2011-Sep-29
  8. 28.
    This disclosure is about a method and system for checking the health of a monitoring system. The key idea is to check the monitoring setting and data collected by the monitoring system. If the monitoring system does not collect data according to the monitoring setting, then it has issue in the particular monitoring...
    IPCOM000211236D | 2011-Sep-29
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    A method for displaying the actual size image on web pages independent of screen size and resolution. By determining the ratio of the displayed size and its real size of a well-known object, then scaling the image, the image can be displayed at the actual size constantly.
    IPCOM000211235D | 2011-Sep-29
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    This article provide a way to display specific content in full screen mode, which can help improve the user experience when user want to view specific content more clearly or want to show the content to others. For traditional personal computer, which has mouse and pointer, we display a floating toolbar which includes...
    IPCOM000211234D | 2011-Sep-29