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    A more clever buses arrival alerting system is demanded for mordern bus transportation. In large city with large bus stations, there may be multiple buses arrive at station at the same time. While most existing buses arrival alerting system only focus on notifying passengers about arriving buses. It is hard for a...
    IPCOM000211233D | 2011-Sep-29
  2. 32.
    This disclosure is about composing operation instruction for handling issues for IT administration. The instruction is based on previous recorded action steps by experts. The instruction includes the explanation of the commands and how to apply the action and the expected result of the operation. With the disclosed...
    IPCOM000211232D | 2011-Sep-29
  3. 33.
    Provide a method and apparatus for routing a communication to the devices which are more possibility to reached in Unified Communication system by leveraging the short distance wireless technology, to detect the nearby communication end point, and leverage this information to make smarter decision for next...
    IPCOM000211231D | 2011-Sep-29
  4. 34.
    IPCOM000211230D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Sep-29
  5. 35.
    A method and system for instant Integrated Data Sheets (IDS) and workflow message collaboration is disclosed. The method and system comprises of generating an interface for sharing and interacting with data in an IDS (for example spread sheet) between multiple users and providing messages to the multiple users...
    IPCOM000211229D | 2011-Sep-28
  6. 36.
    A unique long chain branched (LCB) PP-resin which provides good processability and appealing appearance has been developed. These polymers are desirable for pipe manufactures. However, the relatively high shrinkage of this LCB-PP-pipe prevents it from having a great welding/joining capability with other pipes without...
    IPCOM000211228D | 2011-Sep-28
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    Described is a method and system for obtaining real-time, customized, traffic information by a user in a moving vehicle and determining automated alternate routes for the intended destination using traffic congestion levels. The main idea is to utilize real-time, location-tagged, satellite (or other sources) images...
    IPCOM000211227D | 2011-Sep-28
  8. 38.
    A new bonding method and bonding structure is described for large glass panel bonding to metal or plastic substrates. The new structure includes the glass panel, a bonding block, metal or plastic base substrate and fasteners, typically screws. The bonding block is bonded to the glass panel. The panel/block assembly...
    IPCOM000211226D | 2011-Sep-28
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    Disclosed is a description of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) grammar and its application to generate the most effective URLs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    IPCOM000211225D | 2011-Sep-28
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    Disclosed is a method to define a traffic light’s synchronization system to allow it to switch from a normal to a loaded traffic light mode. This can be applied to round traffic circles as a method of relieving congestion at peak traffic hours.
    IPCOM000211224D | 2011-Sep-28