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    The proposed idea of subsea sensor modularization and self-diagnosing design is to facilitate sensor failure diagnosis and ROV sensor retrievabilility. By this special design, the sensor can indicate its health status and specify the failed module. Correspondingly, the failed sensor module, instead of the whole...
    IPCOM000211183D | 2011-Sep-26
  2. 82.
    This memo describes an automated method to coordinate and conduct ice management using one or several icebreaking vessels operating conjointly to break and/or disperse sea ice that is approaching a stationary vessel or structure such as an offshore platform, moored drillship, tanker or any other vessel which must...
    IPCOM000211182D | 2011-Sep-26
  3. 83.
    This invention addresses the problem of founding a gravity-based structure (GBS) on or over subsea permafrost. If a GBS were to be founded on or over subsea permafrost, heat from the structure could thaw the underlying permafrost. If the rate of this thaw is faster than the rate of consolidation of the thawed soil,...
    IPCOM000211181D | 2011-Sep-26
  4. 84.
    Abstract This invention addresses the problem of structurally supporting an "operations deck" in an offshore environment that is characterized by a potential for both: (1) large ice and/or wave loads and (2) large earthquake loads. A target application for this concept would allow year-round, offshore drilling and...
    IPCOM000211180D | 2011-Sep-26
  5. 85.
    Disclosed is an automated prioritization model for defect validation. The method determines the relative verification/validation test effort for a defect by using key statistics about the defect and the underlying code.
    IPCOM000211179D | 2011-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000211178D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000211177D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000211176D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000211175D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000211174D | 2011-Sep-26