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    Disclosed is a method to reduce the power consumed by high performance chips by moving the gate in order to minimize the dynamic power contribution due to wire capacitance.
    IPCOM000213666D | 2011-Dec-30
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    Containers for wire, in particular welding wire, bear the brand name of the entity finally selling the wire, even though the wire was produced and/or packaged by another company. In order to increase flexibility for the company packaging the welding wire, the wire is packaged into a neutral container. At the time of...
    IPCOM000213665D | 2011-Dec-30
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    A wire attachment includes a wire bond between a biocompatible conductor and a contact pad. A security ball bond consisting essentially of platinum is formed over the wire bond and bonds to both the biocompatible conductor and areas of the contact pad adjacent to the biocompatible conductor. A method for forming a...
    IPCOM000213664D | 2011-Dec-30
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    A composite stylet for facilitating insertion of an implantable electrode array into either a left or right cochlea comprises a composite having a glass transition temperature between room temperature and body temperature. While relatively stiff and straight at room temperature, the composite stylet is slidably...
    IPCOM000213663D | 2011-Dec-30
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    A single voltage control is used to continuously vary RF output power, providing very low to higher RF power output capability.
    IPCOM000213662D | 2011-Dec-30
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    A USB charger is provided for rechargeable batteries for sound processors, such as behind-the-ear sound processors. The charger may include LED charge indicators, a retractable cord, a folding AC plug, and other features to increase its versatility.
    IPCOM000213661D | 2011-Dec-30
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    An audible alarm alerts the guardian of a potential safety condition. The alarm may have fixed or adjustable volume, and may be housed in the external processor of a hearing system.
    IPCOM000213660D | 2011-Dec-30
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    A replaceable tip provides color options and protection for T-mic microphone.
    IPCOM000213659D | 2011-Dec-30
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    To minimize twisting of a medical lead during surgery, a feature is provided on the lead to indicate how much it is being twisted. This feature may be a colored stripe, a noncircular cross section, or a combination of both.
    IPCOM000213658D | 2011-Dec-30
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    An LED is mounted below a surface so as to provide a sharp, bright, light.
    IPCOM000213657D | 2011-Dec-30