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    This article describes a new procedure for SIP application severs that adds the ability to reduce SIP messages footprint by introducing a way to aggregate SIP mandatory routing headers without loosing the routing capability
    IPCOM000213646D | 2011-Dec-27
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    Disintegrated computing is a future version of computing where a user carries a minimum set of stuff (device) that can find, connect, and use other devices (input, output, compute, etc.) to extend capability and create a complete computing experience for the end user. The other devices may be public or private,...
    IPCOM000213645D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Dec-24
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    Camera-based gesturing systems are becoming increasingly possible as sensor and processing technology advances. However, there are some disadvantages to using camera-based gestures over more precise input methods such as the keyboard and mouse. These (1) include the lack of feedback to the user from the computer or...
    IPCOM000213644D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Dec-24
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    Disclosed is a program to prevent accidental selection of a user interface item on a touch screen device when the user attempts to scroll the window’s contents. Users of mobile devices with small touch screens rely heavily on scrolling to view portions of content within a limited visible area. If the device is slow...
    IPCOM000213643D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Dec-24
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    The present invention provides pesticidal mixtures comprising a component A, and a component B, or a component A, a component B and a component C, wherein component A is a compound of formula I as defined in the claims, and and components B and C are additional pesciticidally active compounds as defined in the claims.
    IPCOM000213639D | 2011-Dec-23
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    • The invention will be to use electric rotary machines in the feeding and sawing functions of a CLT harvesting head. This will allow the delimbing arms, rotator and saw bar extend/retract to remain hydraulic where the high static forces are required to hold the stem. • By making the feed motors and saw motor electric...
    IPCOM000213638D | 2011-Dec-23
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    Disclosed is a method for a user to change or activate the settings on their mobile phone from a remote location using text messages. The user sends a text message to their mobile phone with a number of parameters and arguments to reconfigure the mobile phone (e.g., set new destinations for events such as calls...
    IPCOM000213637D | 2011-Dec-23
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    Vorrichtung zum Herstellen von Bürsten, insbesondere Zahnbürsten, die eine einen Teil der fertigen Bürste bildende Halteplatte mit einem vorgefertigten Lochfeld haben, welche das Borstenfeld der Bürste definieren, wobei in Löcher der Halteplatte Borstenbüschel eingeführt sind, die rückseitig gegenüber der Halteplatte...
    IPCOM000213636D | 2011-Dec-23
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    Process to update schemas for validation in distributed and quasi real-time utility environments
    IPCOM000213635D | 2011-Dec-23
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    A Critical Command Filter Based on Critical Command Certificates
    IPCOM000213634D | 2011-Dec-23