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    FTnIR analysis can be used to monitor various concentrations of different alkene components in a solvent system. The spectra collected by means of the FTnIR are compared to the original spectra used for the parent calibration resulting in a statistical number called a ’model goodness’ value. By tracking the online...
    IPCOM000213623D | 2011-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000213622D | 2011-Dec-22
  3. 43.
    Disclosed here is a method to reduce test and eFuse blow time by optimizing the data pattern that is programmed into eFuses.
    IPCOM000213621D | 2011-Dec-22
  4. 44.
    Disclosed is a methodology for creating a vectored disinformation signal to thwart eaves dropping onto a laptop.
    IPCOM000213620D | 2011-Dec-22
  5. 45.
    Disclosed is a method to capture nitrate runoff from agricultural land and reuse it as fertilizer.
    IPCOM000213619D | 2011-Dec-22
  6. 46.
    Disclosed is a method and apparatus to measure the variation and performance difference due to dual-phase exposure processes in modern semiconductor manufacturing.
    IPCOM000213618D | 2011-Dec-22
  7. 47.
    Disclosed is a same address sense scheme to reduce power in custom register file arrays.
    IPCOM000213617D | 2011-Dec-22
  8. 48.
    Disclosed is a method in the area of memory testing that presents a novel methodology of performing robust testing by ensuring required amount of stress is generated on each and every rank of the memory module.
    IPCOM000213616D | 2011-Dec-22
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    A retainer for controlling the payout of wire from a wire container is described. The retainer has at least three segments. Each segment is connected to the adjacent segment so as to allow a relative movement of adjacent segments with respect to each other. The entirety of the segments form a contact surface adapted...
    IPCOM000213615D | 2011-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000213614D | 2011-Dec-22