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    IPCOM000213613D | 2011-Dec-22
  2. 52.
    IPCOM000213612D | 2011-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000213611D | 2011-Dec-22
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    In semiconductor industry, high performance reference voltage with low TC (Temperature Coefficient) is required more and more for very accurate applications. It is necessary in most cases to trim the TC via a flash memory to store the bandgap voltages in different temperature or a micro-controller to get a low TC...
    IPCOM000213610D | 2011-Dec-22
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    A method of automatic rule extraction to identify transactional queries in a web search environment is disclosed. A template based methodology is provided that captures a set of specific categories of the transactional intent by exploiting distinctive elements of the transactional queries.
    IPCOM000213609D | 2011-Dec-22
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    A method and system for certifying advertisements to assure authenticity of the advertisements. By certifying, an assurance is given that the content, source and advertiser have been verified and that no harm will come to the user upon accessing the advertisement.
    IPCOM000213608D | 2011-Dec-22
  7. 57.
    A method and system for providing insert-scan based computation atop a plurality of Log-Structured Merge-Trees (LSM-trees) is disclosed. The method and system comprises updating and indexing a log structure storage system in real-time without reading existing data that needs to be modified.
    IPCOM000213607D | 2011-Dec-22
  8. 58.
    A method and system for discovering flaws associated with products or commodities based on continuous monitoring of query logs of internet users and analysis of the monitored query logs in post-marketing phases of the products or commodities. The flaws thus identified may serve as candidate for further validation.
    IPCOM000213606D | 2011-Dec-22
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    A method and system for optimizing storage of messages in social networking environments is disclosed.
    IPCOM000213605D | 2011-Dec-22
  10. 60.
    A method and system is disclosed for recommending multiple people, such as authors, to jointly work on a particular online literary work.
    IPCOM000213604D | 2011-Dec-22