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  1. 81.
    This invention presents the method and structure to form one side buried strap for memory cell on SOI. This invention is using self-alignment scheme. It has simple and cost effective process (several processes are skipped, including poly II fille/recess II, strap RIE) and Easy STI fill and possibility of metal (TiN)...
    IPCOM000213581D | 2011-Dec-21
  2. 82.
    Disclosed is a method to create quantized effective width by introducing Semiconductor on Insulator (SOI) substrate with different active device thickness.
    IPCOM000213580D | 2011-Dec-21
  3. 83.
    A method and system for tuning device widths in a finFET device is disclosed. The method and system provides a controlled fin capping process precisely creating thick gate dielectric cap.
    IPCOM000213579D | 2011-Dec-21
  4. 84.
    A method of creating a diffraction grating of tight pitch through guided self-assembly is disclosed.
    IPCOM000213578D | 2011-Dec-21
  5. 85.
    SOI technologies must offer a top-side substrate contact, such as IBM's BI contact. The BI process involves a poly plug. Our invention is a simplified "BI" contact using an e-SiGe S/D formation step, such as would be found in a typical ETSOI or FinFET process flow.
    IPCOM000213577D | 2011-Dec-21
  6. 86.
    A method for measuring depth, profile and critical dimensions of Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) is disclosed. The method further includes cleaning the TSV by forming a reverse structure of the TSV on the entire wafer coating and subsequently removing the reverse structure of the TSV.
    IPCOM000213576D | 2011-Dec-21
  7. 87.
    A method for epitaxial growth on Si is disclosed. Here, an epitaxy (Epi) channel such as tensile strained Si and compressively strained SiGe is grown on FET active regions.
    IPCOM000213575D | 2011-Dec-21
  8. 88.
    A method and system for determining health of semiconductor wafers during production is disclosed.
    IPCOM000213574D | 2011-Dec-21
  9. 89.
    Disclosed is a method to produce optimal electrical and thermal conductivity of the post on which a specimen is mounted for Atom Probe Tomography (APT), thus allowing for a more reliable analysis. The method entails siliciding the currently available coupon that is used as the specimen holder.
    IPCOM000213573D | 2011-Dec-21
  10. 90.
    IPCOM000213572D | 2011-Dec-21