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    In any SoC design, IO timing (setup and hold timing) is met in STA (Static Timing Analysis) based on the hardware specification of the particular interface, with some pessimism. Many times it has been found or observed that even though IO timing is met in best and worst case corners, IO timing fails or is marginal...
    IPCOM000215467D | 2012-Feb-29
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    Bei einem Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Fahrzeugheizung (10) wird ein Grundkörper (12) der Fahrzeugheizung (10) mit einer nicht-eigensicheren Heizleiterschicht (14) und einer Sensoreinrichtung (16, 18, 20) zur Detektion von Temperaturschwellenwertüber-schreitungen ausgestattet. Zur Ausbildung der...
    IPCOM000215466D | 2012-Feb-29
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    Eine Fahrzeugheizung (10) weist einen Grundkörper (12), der eine nicht-eigensichere Heizleiterschicht (14) trägt, und eine der Heizleiterschicht (14) zugeordnete Temperatur- überwachungseinrichtung (16, 18, 20, 44) auf. Dabei ist die Temperaturüberwachungsein-richtung (16, 18, 20, 44) dazu ausgelegt, zumindest die...
    IPCOM000215465D | 2012-Feb-29
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    Eine Fahrzeugheizung (10) weist einen Grundkörper (12), der eine nicht-eigensichere Heizleiterschicht trägt (14), und eine der Heizleiterschicht (14) zugeordneten Sensorein-richtung (16, 18, 20) auf, die dazu vorgesehen ist, eine Überschreitung eines Temperatur-schwellenwertes zu detektieren. Dabei umfasst die...
    IPCOM000215464D | 2012-Feb-29
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    IPCOM000215463D | 2012-Feb-29
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    A method of communicating sensor data to a reader using duty cycle shift keying approach. Duty cycle shift keying approach comprises modulating power consumption of a microprocessor and sensor system during operation to communicate with the reader. The present method reduces communication hardware and power...
    IPCOM000215462D | 2012-Feb-29
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    When a user accidentally makes changes to their configuration in RAID storage arrays, this can result in the user's data becoming inaccessible. In this article, a method is described for recovering the user's configuration without losing the user's data, through the use of technique specific to storage RAID arrays.
    IPCOM000215461D | 2012-Feb-29
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    Disclosed is an invention with a LED in front of server to show the power status. People can directly point out the power status by hardware, rather than check the status by software. The LED has 3 colors, red, yellow, green. Each represents different power status and also could be analyzed in data center.
    IPCOM000215460D | 2012-Feb-29
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    Disclosed is a device with software that can analyze and display music sheet with auto page turning mechanism. In more details, the device with software receives sound input and can track the reading or playing progress of the displayed content, and takes certain action such as turning the page on its own. The...
    IPCOM000215459D | 2012-Feb-29
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    Pharmaceutical compositions of several strengths are provided.
    IPCOM000215458D | 2012-Feb-29