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    IPCOM000215457D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Feb-29
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    Proposed is the technique to increase the efficiency of RAID-4, RAID-5, and RAID-6 array blocks so that they will be uniformly distributed across RAID rows and RAID disks based on the write operation counts.
    IPCOM000215456D | 2012-Feb-29
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    SUMMARY This invention is in the field of gravel pack system. It is very common to have a well with a gravel pack installation to prevent the production of sand. Over the years, the length of the gravel pack has increased and is now sometimes covering several reservoirs. This results in water entry in non specific...
    IPCOM000215455D | 2012-Feb-29
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    Access to computer systems occurs under a variety of circumstances, for a variety of purposes or services, and from various locations. This creates opportunities for a computer to be accessed in an unauthorized manner. Disclosed is a system and method allowing the different forms of access to be associated with a...
    IPCOM000215454D | 2012-Feb-28
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    IPCOM000215453D | 2012-Feb-28
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    IPCOM000215452D | 2012-Feb-28
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    The idea allows the customer to create program rules that when applied, mean that CICS monitors the program and modifies the program behaviour to either no-op a particular call such as an EXEC CICS SYNCPOINT, or allows an EXEC CICS LINK to a new CICS program to be inserted at points during an existing program,...
    IPCOM000215451D | 2012-Feb-28
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    IPCOM000215450D | 2012-Feb-28
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    IPCOM000215449D | 2012-Feb-28
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    No abstract available.
    IPCOM000215448D | 2012-Feb-28