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    IPCOM000215447D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Feb-28
  2. 22.
    The current reference design UFC is manufactured using conventional techniques for both the inner steel vessel and the outer copper shell. The inner steel vessel provides the structural strength, sufficient to withstand geological scenarios such as glaciations, while the outer copper shell provides the corrosion...
    IPCOM000215446D | 2012-Feb-28
  3. 23.
    The core idea of this invention is to govern the exposed availability information for a user's calendar. That is based on the derived information determined from information provided by the user at the time an action is taken to schedule a meeting, with respect to an associated user defined policy. The exposed...
    IPCOM000215445D | 2012-Feb-27
  4. 24.
    A program is disclosed by which user can use Find function (Ctrl + F) to find the keywords from text contents and also Image Objects from image embedded in the document.
    IPCOM000215444D | 2012-Feb-27
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    This design allows venting to be combined with a door frame so that a see through material can be used for the door and the venting activity can take place around the edges of the door, rather than through the middle of the space.
    IPCOM000215443D | 2012-Feb-27
  6. 26.
    This washer design is a washer with protrusions that prevent the surrounding material next to the washer being crushed as much or as easily by the load that is applied from tightening a fastener against the washer.
    IPCOM000215442D | 2012-Feb-27
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    Mobile devices are inherently prone to being dropped and damaged, due to their small size and level of immersion in the lives of users. Different subsystems inside a device offer different levels of resistance to impact damage: while their processing and storage systems are fairly robust, their screens, being large...
    IPCOM000215441D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Feb-27
  8. 28.
    Disclosed is a method to use mobile devices along with Web-based mapping and location services and wait list services to determine the soonest availability at a service location and manage a user’s place on the waiting list based on their proximity to the establishment. The invention uses an algorithm to...
    IPCOM000215440D | 2012-Feb-27
  9. 29.
    Disclosed is a new concept of MicroPCB to utilize as much of the limited space on the TO header for component placement as possible.
    IPCOM000215439D | 2012-Feb-27
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    Disclosed is a method to use Light Guide Film (LGF) and one or more edge- or corner-coupled light-emitting diodes (LED) as a means of illuminating the area directly above or below the sensor electrode in capacitive touch elements.
    IPCOM000215438D | 2012-Feb-27