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  1. 31.
    This invention describes a novel method in unique code wheel pattern to determine an absolute index position for an encoder.
    IPCOM000215437D | 2012-Feb-27
  2. 32.
    This invention describes a novel method for using a pixel array to design a programmable encoder. The arrays of pixels proposed in this invention are customizable for several types of encoders. The disclosure proposes (but is not limited to) the following examples: a two-channel incremental encoder, three-channel...
    IPCOM000215436D | 2012-Feb-27
  3. 33.
    Clamshell devices, particularly notebook computers, have a hinge which can be opened to an arbitrary position. There are several applications for which knowing the position to which the hinge is opened (hinge angle) is helpful or necessary. In this article three novel methods for determining the hinge angle are...
    IPCOM000215435D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Feb-27
  4. 34.
    NFC allows two devices to send information to each other. Each device has a NFC antenna. The two antenna’s need to be close (aligned) to each other for NFC to work. However, NFC alignment is difficult for users as the distance is small and there is no mechanical alignment to ensure you have placed both devices in...
    IPCOM000215434D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Feb-27
  5. 35.
    The document describes how you by combining MAC (Message Authencation Code) operations with a virtual name-space can provision cryptographic keys in a secure and efficient way over an unsecure channel.
    IPCOM000215433D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Feb-27
  6. 36.
    Disclosed are a structure and method for manufacturing an electrode structure in relation to bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonators used in the technical field of acoustic high frequency (HF) filters. The presented structure and method avoid the problem of overetch and allow for an improved edge termination.
    IPCOM000215432D | 2012-Feb-27
  7. 37.
    Determining what is inside your refrigerator or any other storage solution and the level of each item (or how empty it is). Knowing this information allows the creation of automatic shopping lists and/or menu generation. Most solutions today depend on RFID to do this. The problem is most if not all items do not...
    IPCOM000215431D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Feb-27
  8. 38.
    The article describes a system providing a flexible capability to manage alarm broadcasting among group of users
    IPCOM000215430D | 2012-Feb-27
  9. 39.
    This article describes a system that providse the user with a configured capability to manage personal system privacy.
    IPCOM000215429D | 2012-Feb-27
  10. 40.
    This paper presents an innovative method to synthesize logic paths with tight skew requirements using skew friendly cells. The skew friendly symmetric cells are avoided in normal synthesis as no differentiation is done in synthesis for skew sensitive paths. We propose a novel solution that isolates such critical paths...
    IPCOM000215428D | 2012-Feb-27