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    The idea involves having a compatible/ comparable hardware inventory data structure in various parts of firmware in order to detect missing and not supported devices. In the current scenario, when a device doesn't figure in any one part of firmware, extensive debugging is required from various groups in order to find...
    IPCOM000215417D | 2012-Feb-26
  2. 52.
    With improved network connectivity, increasingly computational workloads are being executed in datacenters rather than in stand-alone computers. In some cases this is referred to as cloud computing. Whereas a conventional datacenter may have machines pre-allocated to the users or workloads, an intelligent data center ...
    IPCOM000215416D | 2012-Feb-26
  3. 53.
    This article describes a simple, event driven arbitration scheme controlling access to shared resources.
    IPCOM000215415D | 2012-Feb-26
  4. 54.
    Described is a method of streaming media from a remote source to an arbitrary media player and in an arbitrary codec format. An executable file is employed to proxy streamed media content and converts it on the fly to a format recognized by the target media player.
    IPCOM000215414D | 2012-Feb-26
  5. 55.
    PowerHA SM provides the highly availability for application by taking care of all resources of applications by forming a cluster with group of machines. It manages the users of different applications across cluster. As many applications exist in software stack, it is important to make sure that users would be having...
    IPCOM000215413D | 2012-Feb-26
  6. 56.
    A system and method for isolating problems to an application when multiple applications are integrated into a solution is disclosed.
    IPCOM000215412D | 2012-Feb-26
  7. 57.
    Disclosed here in a system and method that enables end-consumers to manage and share their quota of electricity with other consumers while operating within a slabbed pricing system for power consumption. The intent is to encourage power conservation by more accurately rewarding the consumer in proportion to the amount...
    IPCOM000215411D | 2012-Feb-26
  8. 58.
    Disclosed is a system and method to enable application security policy establishment based on security policies in similar applications of social network contacts.
    IPCOM000215410D | 2012-Feb-26
  9. 59.
    The problem discussed in this article is how to validate information in a Callback Handler. This article proposes a solution where the callback handler parses the data and validates it, where the validation is centralized in one place and allows the user to have control over it.
    IPCOM000215409D | 2012-Feb-26
  10. 60.
    A method and system for utilizing traffic and meeting schedule data to optimize planned surface vehicle driving traffic patterns is disclosed.
    IPCOM000215408D | 2012-Feb-26