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    High amplitude pressure pulsations in gas turbines are a major issue because they limit the operating range or cause structural damage. To monitor the pulsations inside the combustor and ensure save operation pressure transducers, e.g., based on the piezo-electric effect or microphones, are used. If the pulsation...
    IPCOM000216350D | 2012-Mar-31
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    This publication relates to an invention for improving the efficiency of a Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP). It is proposed to improve the efficiency of a CCPP by preheating the fuel gas to a high temperature by extracting feedwater from the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) high pressure (HP) economizer and to...
    IPCOM000216349D | 2012-Mar-31
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    The invention relates to gas turbines. It is a new pilot purge concept. In the new concept the venting to atmosphere is carried out at the same time as the N2 forward purge. This maintains the pressure in the manifold and minimises the risk of backflow from the combustor. The balancing of the pressure in the manifold...
    IPCOM000216348D | 2012-Mar-31
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    Wear resistant coatings are used to protect metal parts operating in a hot gas environment from degradation caused by e.g. mechanical wear, oxidation and corrosion. Areas of application for such coatings are steam turbines and gas turbines. One specific example for the application of such coatings are surfaces exposed...
    IPCOM000216347D | 2012-Mar-31
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    The WeatherVane Risk Predictor for Service Desk Delivery is a model designed to take input from a defined set of metrics, analyze their performance against historic trends and benchmarks, and provide output risk levels that alert the Delivery manager on the account's health, enabling them to proactively manage the...
    IPCOM000216346D | 2012-Mar-31
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    Disclosed is a mechanism to maintain a virtual host media library efficiently by ensuring that only distinct ISO images are available on it irrespective of it's file name. ISO images to be uploaded are distinguished with the help of a checksum digest calculated out of it. By the introduction of such a mechanism, it...
    IPCOM000216345D | 2012-Mar-31
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    This work demonstrates a novel Reservoir Sampling based Bloom Filter,(RSBF) data structure, based on the combined concepts of reservoir sampling and Bloom filters for approximate detection of duplicates in evolving data streams. It shows that RSBF offers the currently lowest False Negative Rate (FNR) and convergence...
    IPCOM000216344D | 2012-Mar-31
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    Disclosed is a method of catagorizing the EFS and non EFS pages.The core idea of this invention lies in categorizing file segment pages into non EFS pages and EFS pages and providing hints to the LRU algorithm to steal EFS file pages at the end after stealing normal file pages. “EFS file pages will be stolen at the...
    IPCOM000216343D | 2012-Mar-31
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    An Instrument or system to notify user that it is safe to overtake your vehicle now. The rear vehicle will take permission from front vehicle and pass through safely with out risk after taking permission.
    IPCOM000216342D | 2012-Mar-31
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    Analytics Solutions for real-world business applications are very compute intensive. Thus, providing such services over utility computing mechanisms such as the cloud is a good way forward. To lower the entry barrier for such cloud based analytics solutions, a cloud based analytics solution provider may like to...
    IPCOM000216341D | 2012-Mar-31