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  1. 101.
    IPCOM000216234D | 2012-Mar-26
  2. 102.
    An assembler mechanism to dynamically detect when a basing register is near to or at the limit of its addressability range.
    IPCOM000216233D | 2012-Mar-26
  3. 103.
    Disclosed is a system applied to mobile devices that causes a relevant application to surface for a user or tablet only when a patterned use of the device is determined via activity/motion to the accelerometer.
    IPCOM000216232D | 2012-Mar-26
  4. 104.
    A method and system is disclosed which enables display of a hierarchical path of an active item on a mobile device.
    IPCOM000216231D | 2012-Mar-26
  5. 105.
    A method is provided to communicate system metrics through music. Various musical parameters are used to convey variation in system metrics.
    IPCOM000216230D | 2012-Mar-26
  6. 106.
    Systems management (and other disciplines in computing) depend on the ability to present and manipulate temporal (time-related) information in complex ways. This can include complex scheduling for many different assets to comparison of different resources across different timeframes. Existing user interface...
    IPCOM000216229D | 2012-Mar-26
  7. 107.
    Disclosed is a method to capture new insights from the readily available Point of Sale (POS) data from controllers. The invention addresses methods of affinity analysis and describes a method of weighting and combining multiple methods of affinity analysis. The invention is a mechanism to group the items into a...
    IPCOM000216228D | 2012-Mar-26
  8. 108.
    The atmosphere you create in a room depends also on the location. For instance, in a project management meeting a formal environment could be appropriate, otherwise in a brainstorming meeting, an environment that frees the imagination could be the best. This article describes how to customize a meeting room depending...
    IPCOM000216227D | 2012-Mar-26
  9. 109.
    Technique for optimal virtual image placement in a Desktop Cloud environment
    IPCOM000216226D | 2012-Mar-26
  10. 110.
    “Grease smear” failure w/ read/write errors occurs during the drive reliability testing. "Grease smear" is caused by the base oil of pivot bearing grease. Particle flow simulation was done about inside of the pivot bearing with the air pressure data, and the result shows that the base oil sticks on the inner wall of...
    IPCOM000216225D | 2012-Mar-26