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  1. 111.
    The reversible flow turbine comprises two guide vane rows and a rotor blade row in-between. Each of the guide vane rows includes guide vanes having a pivotable part. The turbine includes an actuation system for driving the pivotable parts.
    IPCOM000216224D | 2012-Mar-26
  2. 112.
    Subject to be solved : In the piezo element with which micro actuator was mounted in flexure of the head, compared with the suspension without micro actuator , area has spread by the mounting area. Therefore, vibration of flexure occurs under the influence of disturbance, such as a air flow. As a result, it causes a...
    IPCOM000216223D | 2012-Mar-26
  3. 113.
    A method for generating and delivering content based on mood of a user is disclosed. The method allows targeted advertising based on an emotion of the user.
    IPCOM000216222D | 2012-Mar-26
  4. 114.
    A method and a system for accessing software applications using a Central Access Management System (CAMS) are disclosed. The method includes enabling a user to request and/or acquire approvals for accessing the software applications. The method also includes providing role based access privileges to the users for...
    IPCOM000216221D | 2012-Mar-26
  5. 115.
    Disclosed is a Benefit-Risk-Analysis-based consent management system that enables patients/users to make informed decisions regarding the sharing of sensitive electronic information.
    IPCOM000216220D | 2012-Mar-26
  6. 116.
    Add notches or slits on tolerance ring both end sides to improve the assembling accuracy. Generated rotational moment by pivot insertion friction can be released, and the advantageous effect has been confirmed on actual experiments. Assembling accuracy means the height and parallelism accuracy between carriage and...
    IPCOM000216219D | 2012-Mar-26
  7. 117.
    IPCOM000216218D | 2012-Mar-25
  8. 118.
    IPCOM000216217D | 2012-Mar-25
  9. 119.
    Disclosed is a device for converting kinetic movement into tokens which are then converted to simulated keystrokes representing a password.
    IPCOM000216209D | 2012-Mar-25
  10. 120.
    Disclosed is a method for forecasting large changes in traffic due to major events (concerts, sporting events, etc.) using numerous data sources to project / predict the direction where people will be coming from and to (advanced ticket sales, demographics / census data, social media discussions, etc.) and dynamically...
    IPCOM000216208D | 2012-Mar-25