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Month of March 2012 - Page Number 16

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  1. 151.
    IPCOM000216080D | 2012-Mar-23
  2. 152.
    Method for enviromental awareness of employees' IT assets in company offices enabling security and work location setup
    IPCOM000216079D | 2012-Mar-23
  3. 153.
    Here is disclosed an automatic smart system to assist employees in using the company restaurant. It covers: meal choice (including allergies, calories, diet balancing suggestions based on personal historical logs), remote ordination of the meals (for fast pickup), information about the restaurant areas where each dish...
    IPCOM000216078D | 2012-Mar-23
  4. 154.
    Technique for virtualized desktop exploitation by a nomadic user in a cloud-enabled office
    IPCOM000216077D | 2012-Mar-23
  5. 155.
    IPCOM000216076D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-23
  6. 156.
    A mechanism is provided for a rule based engine (RBE) for storing and searching extensible markup language (XML) documents in a hierarchical hash based database. The RBE can be configured as a central RBE or a distributed RBE for communication with a database. In the central RBE configuration, database look-ups are...
    IPCOM000216075D | 2012-Mar-22
  7. 157.
    A system to automate the structuring and locating of files and folders by use of a suggestion system. The system generates its suggestions based on the current layout and structures already in place on the hard disk. If no suitable structures currently exist then the system suggests creating one for you.
    IPCOM000216074D | 2012-Mar-22
  8. 158.
    When a system has a number of applications running and an event occurs it is not often noticed. The solution herein improves the likelihood of event notification being acknowledged and will identify the probability that certain notifications will be missed and adapt the notification appropriately.
    IPCOM000216073D | 2012-Mar-22
  9. 159.
    IPCOM000216072D | 2012-Mar-22
  10. 160.
    Many business users have to turn off the standard process killing based on a timeout because when they were running their jobs it would be killing off processes which would be a big problem. These processes were not hanging, just long running, so they shouldn't have been killed. If they turn it off, their system...
    IPCOM000216071D | 2012-Mar-22