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  1. 161.
    Disclosed is a method for automating the decision making process involved in satisfying the requirements of the human body, integrating this with data processing on availability of commodities. Using known technology to acquire the data, a need is detected and then a range of solutions are calculated based on...
    IPCOM000216070D | 2012-Mar-22
  2. 162.
    There has been a recent growth in the popularity of location based social networks which attempt to facilitate the building of social networks from people who are physically present in a particular venue. Existing systems are based upon an assumption that the venues have a fixed geographic location that never...
    IPCOM000216069D | 2012-Mar-22
  3. 163.
    This article covers the idea of providing the mechanism for the mobile phones to select the ring melody that is well heard in the noisy environment. The mobile phones usually is using the predefined ring melody (based on the current profile settings) but are not selecting the melody based on the environment...
    IPCOM000216068D | 2012-Mar-22
  4. 164.
    Method and System to allocate people to project tasks based in order to reduce conflictual relationship.
    IPCOM000216067D | 2012-Mar-22
  5. 165.
    Since the mobile phones introduction in our day by day life, we often assume to be always reachable in any time and any location of the world. Based on this assumption, a lot of things changed, for example the business, the way to schedule meeting. How the emergencies are managed and the exchange of information (where...
    IPCOM000216066D | 2012-Mar-22
  6. 166.
    Active Directory Management System (ADMS) is web based application that provides a solution for Active Directory object management, monitoring, diagnosis, Exchange Management and Monitoring. The application enables engineer to create/manipulate/delete active directory objects in bulk, diagnose active directory...
    IPCOM000216065D | 2012-Mar-22
  7. 167.
    IPCOM000216064D | 2012-Mar-22
  8. 168.
    IPCOM000216063D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-22
  9. 169.
    A methodology to utilize Publish/Subscribe pattern for each monitoring product to advertise permitted capabilities and serve requests dynamically directed to them in secured network. A system structure with extension modules for existing products for mapping service requests to service entries in the form of...
    IPCOM000216062D | 2012-Mar-22
  10. 170.
    When the traffic is heavy, an obstacle (e.g. car accident) blocking a lane in one direction causes traffic jam which disturbs the flow of vehicles and prolongs time needed for paramedics/police/etc to arrive. It would be valuable to have a method to establish contraflow around the obstacle to maintain fluent movement...
    IPCOM000216060D | 2012-Mar-21