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  1. 171.
    This document presents a way to visualize the complete query result as well as partial results in real-time while the user types the query, without the need to send SQL queries to the database explicitly. Real-time behavior is achieved by pre-fetching as much data as needed.
    IPCOM000216059D | 2012-Mar-21
  2. 172.
    This invention discloses one idea providing add-value, personalized ring-back image service in SIP/IMS based communications system, e.g. for VOIP, Video Call etc. communications; The ring-back image service can be deployed by leverage the existing ecosystem of SIP/IMS and ring-back tone service system, with minor...
    IPCOM000216058D | 2012-Mar-21
  3. 173.
    In mobile telecommunication systems, there are a wide variety of parameters required to maximize the utilization of radio spectrum. In Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems, each eNodeB cell accepts a finite number of preambles on its Random Access Channel (RACH), which enables multiple concurrent User Equipment (UE)...
    IPCOM000216057D | 2012-Mar-21
  4. 174.
    A method for the portable device to control the wall supply connected to the AC mains by means of a simple signaling method based on the state of the voltage on the DP line. This method could work on other power standards but is being applied in this disclosure to a USB powering system. Standard data cable can be...
    IPCOM000216056D | 2012-Mar-21
  5. 175.
    In the cooperative VoD systems, by adopting cooperative caching technique, the free cache memory of all the neighboured edge servers in one cluster can be used more efficiently. It will help raise the Bytes Hit Rate of the edge cache servers and reduce original server accessing frequency, resulting in the improvement...
    IPCOM000216055D | 2012-Mar-21
  6. 176.
    Disclosed is a system and method for touch-based authentication of a mobile device. The system incorporates a user code comprised of a series of recognizable taps on the touch screen.
    IPCOM000216054D | 2012-Mar-21
  7. 177.
    Mobile number to a subscriber is very personal. People want numbers that are easily remembered and preferably aligned to something in their personal life such as birthday, anniversary, astrologically lucky number etc. Every subscriber, given a chance & tool, will certainly like to choose his/her own mobile number....
    IPCOM000216053D | 2012-Mar-21
  8. 178.
    A Concept of Rilling Inhibit is applied. Each MME rotates their assignments of ?inhibited? eNBs with an Update Interval (U) and restarts/ repeats the sequence periodically (period T), so no one eNB stays in a geographical outage permanently Each eNB is ensured at least U seconds of potential access every T seconds...
    IPCOM000216052D | 2012-Mar-21
  9. 179.
    Using near field communications through RFID or a similar technology the phone would receive a signal to disable a specific feature. The user of the device would agree to this either at the time of the signal or ahead of time through a preset rule.
    IPCOM000216051D | 2012-Mar-21
  10. 180.
    This article describes how to make the instant messaging system to automatically compare the offline messaging time-out against recipients back-in-the-office date.
    IPCOM000216050D | 2012-Mar-21