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  1. 181.
    This article describes a mechanism for conducting a Trusted Boot in an environment where an interactive firmware prompt is available. At such a prompt, the user may modify the contents of memory and hence undermine the Trusted Boot process. The typical solution is to provide a firmware prompt that either doesn't...
    IPCOM000216049D | 2012-Mar-21
  2. 182.
    Currently, web application vulnerability assessment software has significant shortcomings when faced with large sites with dynamic content such as news sites. The reason for this is that traditional web application scanners rely on a process called “crawling” to discover all the content on a website before the...
    IPCOM000216048D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-21
  3. 183.
    Disclosed is a method to augment standard Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAIDs) with a Hash-Digest drive to insure data integrity down to single-bit accuracy.
    IPCOM000216047D | 2012-Mar-21
  4. 184.
    IPCOM000216046D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-21
  5. 185.
    In 4K sector format with 512 bytes emulation HDD, un-aligned write performance degrades due to Read-Modify-Write operation. To improve this, adjust disk read length for Read-Modify-Write accroding to the conditions, so that HDD can read the data as much as possible, as far as HDD does not cause the extra revolution.
    IPCOM000216045D | 2012-Mar-21
  6. 186.
    A method and system for improving quality of conference call presentations is provided. The system and method improve the quality of conference call presentations by identifying and replacing speech patterns that degrade the quality of the call conference.
    IPCOM000216044D | 2012-Mar-20
  7. 187.
    Disclosed is a system applied to an email application that alerts users if another user has responded to a group mail. This prevents duplication of data and efforts, and saves users’ time.
    IPCOM000216043D | 2012-Mar-20
  8. 188.
    An emerging requirement for Integrated Circuits in the automotive domain is to guarantee the IC can reach high level of safety (Asil-D) and robustness (Class A ISO10605, IEC61000-4-2 ) : a circuit has to operate normally (no reset for instance) during and after system level stress such as ESD gun. No IC manufacturers...
    IPCOM000216042D | 2012-Mar-20
  9. 189.
    Disclosed is a robust solution for managing property files and individual property protection in a collaborative environment. The approach includes layer of intelligence and a tool that enables the end user to control which property values to synchronize with the repository and which property values keep...
    IPCOM000216041D | 2012-Mar-20
  10. 190.
    A medical lead system includes at least a first lead portion comprising a set of electrodes, a second lead portion comprising a set of electrodes, and at least one lead extension portion that is configured to electrically connect at least one of the sets of electrodes to a medical device. The first and second lead...
    IPCOM000216040D | 2012-Mar-20