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    Proposed is an idea where two or more vehicles equipped with navigation systems can interact with each other to synchronize the travelling route of all vehicles, exchange traffic information and provide early warning from one vehicle to others in the group. The communication is proposed to be done by modelling the...
    IPCOM000216340D | 2012-Mar-31
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    Discussion forums have become a very popular way of knowledge sharing. While being different from web pages in that users of discussion forums are full peers and content can be authored by any person (unlike a web page where the admin has special privileges), discussion forums are valuable sources of subjective...
    IPCOM000216339D | 2012-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000216338D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-31
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    Crude oil prices are very volatile, and they vary very dynamically based on many factors. Entering into a transaction in crude oil trade is often very tricky due to the volatility of the prices and the complex considerations involved; such considerations include the high storage cost and transporation cost of crude...
    IPCOM000216337D | 2012-Mar-31
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    Studies in the field of nueropsychology of infants have established links between infants' cries and their physical and psychological state. Cry analysis for disability detection can be a reliable, non-intrusive and cost-efficient solution for early detection of disabilities. We propose a fundamental approach by...
    IPCOM000216336D | 2012-Mar-31
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    Pork back ribs are usually packaged on a rollstock machine such that the bone side faces up in the package. This results in a concave shape and bridging of this concave "cavity" by the non-forming web of the package. Bone punctures can result. The modification is the addition of a heater strip in the middle of the...
    IPCOM000216335D | 2012-Mar-30
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    Problem: beef processing plants experience multiple grade changes during a normal production day. Change-overs require cutting tape from the windups, and removing bags from the bag rack and replacing with the next production bags; this is time-consuming. Solution: a bifurcated bag rack that allows the user to load...
    IPCOM000216334D | 2012-Mar-30
  8. 18.
    A method and apparatus is described that enables the rapid and efficient activation of shape memory material enabled downhole tools and systems such as the Shape memory foam sand screen sand control system or Shape Memory Packers that run along the length of a completion string. The apparatus consists of a tubular...
    IPCOM000216333D | 2012-Mar-30
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    This novel concept can be applied to several of the CO2 capture technologies (e.g., a Chilled Ammonia Process (CAP) and Advanced Amine Process (AAP)) in order to reduce energy demand. The CAP and AAP include an absorber unit, and a regenerator unit . Lean solution from the regenerator is returned to the absorber,...
    IPCOM000216332D | 2012-Mar-30
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    The novel concept is to use cold energy available within a Chilled Ammonia Process (CAP) system to eliminate the mechanical refrigeration requirements.
    IPCOM000216331D | 2012-Mar-30