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  1. 191.
    This article discusses a method for web based applications to take advantage of messaging qualities of service with minimal changes to the application.
    IPCOM000216039D | 2012-Mar-20
  2. 192.
    There are situations where wireless devices need to be authorized to access another device or system. An authorization system involving a photo just taken with the device could be used, if it contains a camera. This would avoid errors made by users entering passwords or pairing keys, and be faster and easier to...
    IPCOM000216038D | 2012-Mar-20
  3. 193.
    BASF Chione™ M SVA is a novel performance mineral composed of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, commonly known as synthetic mica, coated with lauroyl lysine. The resulting powder is very white and has a velvety texture, which can enhance the feel of both anhydrous and hydroalcoholic formulations. This highly lubricious...
    IPCOM000216033D | 2012-Mar-20
  4. 194.
    Disclosed is an analytics-based automatic approach to adaptively prioritize email and social network messages for users in order to mitigate the problem of information overload. The solution takes into consideration contextual information for prioritization. In the solution, contextual information includes both...
    IPCOM000216032D | 2012-Mar-20
  5. 195.
    IPCOM000216031D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-20
  6. 196.
    Devices, systems, and techniques for disengaging fixation mechanisms from tissue of a patient are disclosed. One or more fixation elements may be attached to a lead to secure or fix the position of at least a portion of the lead implanted within the patient. A user may reposition or remove the lead from the patient...
    IPCOM000216030D | 2012-Mar-19
  7. 197.
    Devices, systems, and techniques for attaching a medical lead to an exterior skin surface of a patient are disclosed. Percutaneous leads, for example, may be connected to an external neurostimulator and enter the patient so that electrodes can be placed adjacent target tissue within the patient. A lead capture...
    IPCOM000216029D | 2012-Mar-19
  8. 198.
    Disclosed is a method to drive a performance investigation by providing a centralized location for the most important performance tuning recommendations from an Expert System on multi-dimensional (multi-aspect) performance measurement data. The invention describes an algorithm and heuristic relationships that...
    IPCOM000216028D | 2012-Mar-19
  9. 199.
    Disclosed is a method to provide a notification back to the presenter that the participants in a screen-sharing application are able to see the intended presentation.
    IPCOM000216027D | 2012-Mar-19
  10. 200.
    Disclosed is a new source of authentication/authorization, by mining either publically available or privately created social network updates to create customized user queries.
    IPCOM000216026D | 2012-Mar-19