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Month of March 2012 - Page Number 22

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  1. 211.
    A method for managing on-boarding of employees in an office is disclosed.
    IPCOM000216015D | 2012-Mar-19
  2. 212.
    IPCOM000216014D | 2012-Mar-19
  3. 213.
    Disclosed is a solution which allows to avoid many hidden runtime / compilation time errors during develompent of C programs.
    IPCOM000216013D | 2012-Mar-19
  4. 214.
    This article describes a process that can be applied during porting the software projects. After implementing, it may reduce time of porting, elimiate a lot of manual job and increase quality of the ported code.
    IPCOM000216012D | 2012-Mar-19
  5. 215.
    Command Line Interfaces (CLI) are used in several software products all over the world. In general simple commands with options and input parameters are used to provide the functionality to the user. This article describes a solution that addresses two technical issues: 1. the automated syntax completion for CLI...
    IPCOM000216011D | 2012-Mar-19
  6. 216.
    One aspect of the invention relates to a biocompatible, covalently cross-linked, polymer that is obtained by reacting an electrophilically activated polyoxazoline (EL-POX) with a nucleophilic cross-linking agent, said electrophilically activated POX comprising m electrophilic groups; and said nucleophilic...
    IPCOM000216010D | 2012-Mar-19
  7. 217.
    There are two distinct agents in the workflow – i) “Document Sender” (hear after referred to as “Sender”) ii) “Document Receiver” (hear after referred to as “Receiver”) Step 1: The Sender, at the time of creation of the document (any digital document such as PDF), requests for a vSeal (key or any other mechanism...
    IPCOM000216009D | 2012-Mar-19
  8. 218.
    The present invention is a method to non-destructively detect a weak bond in composite material. The weak bond is detected by generating high frequency ultrasonic shock waves.
    IPCOM000216008D | 2012-Mar-19
  9. 219.
    IPCOM000216007D | 2012-Mar-19
  10. 220.
    Disclosed is an embedded user manual on error Indicator. Customers usually have no idea on which documents he/she might need to refer for some error codes. This method is to have an indicator panel on the server to show the document id (Part Number -P/N) with or without page number for their reference to...
    IPCOM000216006D | 2012-Mar-19