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    Disclosed is a smarter framework to proactively prevent cross-product integration issues. The framework can also be used to generate system integration requirements documentation.
    IPCOM000216330D | 2012-Mar-30
  2. 22.
    To ensure proper assembly of telescoping sleeves, a combination C-Ring installation tool is required. The tool allows a c-ring to be spread via 4 fingers that apply equal internal pressure to a c-ring which will then expand fully into a groove. This full expansion allows for a separate wedge member to be inserted...
    IPCOM000216329D | 2012-Mar-30
  3. 23.
    KappaSelect, an affinity chromatography media with a protein ligand binding to Fab kappa or lambda light chain, was cleaned/sanitized with a sequence of 0.1 M citric acid, 10 mM NaOH and PAB (a pH 1.5 aqueous solution of phosphoric acid, acetic acid and benzyl alcohol). No loss in capacity could be observed after 25...
    IPCOM000216328D | 2012-Mar-30
  4. 24.
    A method and system of using serialized Service Data Object (SDO) datagraph as a repository is disclosed.
    IPCOM000216327D | 2012-Mar-30
  5. 25.
    A method and system for automatically reminding a customer about perishable items that are about to expire is disclosed. The method and system also provide an incentive coupon along with the reminder. The incentive coupon is automatically redeemed during a checkout of the perishable items.
    IPCOM000216326D | 2012-Mar-30
  6. 26.
    This idea describes a stimulation programming control surface that provides the ability to adjust multiple parameters and electrode configurations simultaneously. Programming for tissue stimulation systems involves the clinician manually adjusting several parameters at a time in order to selectively stimulate a...
    IPCOM000216325D | 2012-Mar-30
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    A method and system for recommending business listings to a social circle is disclosed. The recommended business listings are determined based on the current locations of individuals in the social circle, traffic conditions at the different locations of the users, the current time of the day, etc.
    IPCOM000216324D | 2012-Mar-30
  8. 28.
    IPCOM000216323D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-30
  9. 29.
    Disclosed is a method for calibrating DDR/DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM devices.
    IPCOM000216322D | 2012-Mar-30
  10. 30.
    Disclosed is a method for system administrators to identify which devices are present in a system through the use of a single pin. The approach involves measuring rise time in the system’s electrical pulse when a device is added. The system then uses a lookup table to determine the number of present devices and...
    IPCOM000216320D | 2012-Mar-29