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    Disclosed is a design for an I2C control system with the ability to measure the slew rate for a given set of I2C buses. The solution is an I2C bus control system, used for device/branch mapping, which connects I2C devices to the best I2C bus based on real time bus capacitance.
    IPCOM000216319D | 2012-Mar-29
  2. 32.
    A method of computing memory array yield in the presence of systematic wafer-level variations is disclosed.
    IPCOM000216318D | 2012-Mar-29
  3. 33.
    Disclosed is a new Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). The core idea of this invention is to mount an apparatus within and/or around a vehicle's steering column to capture the rotational energy of the steering wheel that is generated as the vehicle operator turns the wheel, and then send that captured...
    IPCOM000216317D | 2012-Mar-29
  4. 34.
    Suggested in this article is a method of improving the agility of a Provisioning system by allowing pool administrators to specify a "common distribution" of OS/Architecture combinations in their pool, as well as a schedule for automated actions to take place on their pool. These "automated actions" amount to...
    IPCOM000216316D | 2012-Mar-29
  5. 35.
    A program is disclosed that incorporates the lighting aspects of a user's environment into the rendering of a psuedo-3D graphical user interface (GUI) on a mobile device. The device uses a front-facing camera to obtain an image of the user's environment, and then uses this as input to a light source detection...
    IPCOM000216315D | 2012-Mar-29
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    Disclosed is a method to dynamically search across all registered resource bundles in an application framework. The invention incorporates a new code generator that reads a property file and generates Java* code that can be used in conjunction with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to perform context...
    IPCOM000216314D | 2012-Mar-29
  7. 37.
    Disclosed is a method for modeling an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution described by concrete artifacts within several types of structures. These structures can then be used to contain the full ESB solution and be used to describe this solution within different platforms.
    IPCOM000216313D | 2012-Mar-29
  8. 38.
    Disclosed is a mechanism to reliably identify the precise set of methods that require recompilation during the throughput phase, which allows just-in-time (JIT) compilation developers to more aggressively focus on doing the right things during start-up and during throughput without worrying so much that the other...
    IPCOM000216312D | 2012-Mar-29
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    IPCOM000216311D | 2012-Mar-29
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    Disclosed is a method and process to integrate the latest social collaboration tools' profiles and activities artifacts with the consumer channels (e.g., web, mobile, kiosk, etc.) of a merchant or a consortium of merchants that share a loyalty membership program with the intention of influencing and/or inducing a...
    IPCOM000216310D | 2012-Mar-29