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  1. 51.
    This publication is related to voltage converter modules for power electronics. In previous implementations, whenever the voltage is required to be changed in a power converter, for each output voltage a new converter module is designed. This publication introduces a new design of the power electronics modules that...
    IPCOM000216299D | 2012-Mar-29
  2. 52.
    This publication discloses a design of backup liquid fuel reforming system for gas turbines. It is common for gas turbines to be required to be able to use liquid fuels (e.g. diesel or kerosene) as a backup. Often the changeover from gas to liquid fuel may involve a time lag or energy expenditure. The new design...
    IPCOM000216298D | 2012-Mar-29
  3. 53.
    IPCOM000216297D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-29
  4. 54.
    A system and method for passive shim tray force reduction using high temperature super conducting (HTS) bulks is provided. HTS bulks such as Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide (YBCO) bulks can trap strong magnetic fields after magnetization. HTS bulks can be inserted into the energized magnet at room temperature and...
    IPCOM000216296D | 2012-Mar-29
  5. 55.
    An MR compatible radiation source storage container for use in hybrid PET/MR imaging suite is provided. The radiation shielding containers are made using two types of materials. One shielding material provides radiation attenuation and another material provides housing for the shielding material. The MR compatible...
    IPCOM000216295D | 2012-Mar-29
  6. 56.
    The invention provides a method for 3D navigation based on 3D position detection of point-like parts of medical devices by acquiring pairs of images with focal spot wobbling The 3D navigation method described herein, involves acquisition of images electromagnetically in a single plane X-ray system. Focal spot...
    IPCOM000216294D | 2012-Mar-29
  7. 57.
    The invention provides a device for 4D measurement of uterine activity using a rosette strain gauge. A rosette strain gauge is a foil resistor which when arranged in 0 degrees-45 degerees-90 degrees or 120 degrees apart and secured firmly on the abdomen of a pregnant woman stretches when abdominal movement occurs...
    IPCOM000216293D | 2012-Mar-29
  8. 58.
    Disclosed is a method to enhance and simplify device-to-device communication establishment by adding a visual element to assist a device in the determination of the target device from which to connect.
    IPCOM000216292D | 2012-Mar-28
  9. 59.
    For past years up to now, considering a linear sweep, a duration of 10 ms was enough for an accurate measurement. This was leading to quite simple design of light sources, mostly using the xenon-flash technology and energy storage capacitors. The basis of the method is to apply a voltage ramp to the device under...
    IPCOM000216291D | 2012-Mar-28
  10. 60.
    Disclosed is a software installation method which ensures that a consistent set of software is installed on both z/OS* and the blade.
    IPCOM000216290D | 2012-Mar-28