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  1. 71.
    Disclosed is a method for effective management of status/display indicators, such as light-emitting diodes and on-screen displays, which leads to energy conservation in data centers, networks, and IT infrastructures. The method incorporates control logic and associated software to control power flowing to the...
    IPCOM000216276D | 2012-Mar-27
  2. 72.
    A method for providing detailed artificial waveforms to digital-timing and power simulations for VLSI circuit characterization is provided. The method aims at providing input waveforms that realistically capture the characteristics of waveforms that occur in real, larger circuits.
    IPCOM000216275D | 2012-Mar-27
  3. 73.
    Disclosed is a design for a damped stiffening support tray for electronics in high vibration environments. The design reduces motion via stiffness provided by the tray and provides further reduction due to a constrained layer damping effect. The invention allows low cost commercial servers to be functional in...
    IPCOM000216274D | 2012-Mar-27
  4. 74.
    IPCOM000216273D | 2012-Mar-27
  5. 75.
    IPCOM000216272D | 2012-Mar-27
  6. 76.
    IPCOM000216271D | 2012-Mar-27
  7. 77.
    IPCOM000216270D | 2012-Mar-27
  8. 78.
    IPCOM000216269D | 2012-Mar-27
  9. 79.
    A method of detecting fraudulent activities by analyzing customs clearance time of shipments is disclosed. The customs clearance time of shipments is obtained by analyzing electronic event information of the shipments generated by logistic companies. The method involves comparing clearance time of the shipments with...
    IPCOM000216268D | 2012-Mar-27
  10. 80.
    Verification of the mixed signal design Segment LCD IP is difficult not only due to its applications, but also because this IP has more configurable output pins and gradation voltage levels than previous designs. This paper presents a configurable Analog Mixed Signal (AMS) based Segment LCD VIP to verify the Segment...
    IPCOM000216267D | 2012-Mar-27