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  1. 81.
    Disclosed is a system for warning oncoming traffic that an automobile accident has occurred in a road. The system incorporates sound and impact sensors and warning lights affixed to guardrails at strategic locations, with a controlling computer that identifies a crash and initiates warning signals.
    IPCOM000216266D | 2012-Mar-27
  2. 82.
    A process for manufacturing an automotive coating formed on suitable substrates is disclosed to provide coatings exhibiting special coloristic effects or color arrangements, like multi-tone coloring, matt effects, individualized parts, or structured surfaces which may be haptically perceived, wherein the mechanical...
    IPCOM000216265D | 2012-Mar-27
  3. 83.
    IPCOM000216253D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Mar-27
  4. 84.
    Disclosed is an electronic calendar feature that allows a meeting participant to notify other participants when they must leave a meeting before it is completed. The disclosed solution proposes the addition of a button (i.e., "Will be leaving") to the user's calendar entry that the participant can use to indicate...
    IPCOM000216252D | 2012-Mar-27
  5. 85.
    The basic communication model in OSGI (Open Services Gateway Initiative) platforms is the EventAdmin pub/sub architecture. In products like Lotus Notes and Expeditor the composite application component communication model is based on the Portal Property Broker model - ie. declarative wiring with point to point...
    IPCOM000216251D | 2012-Mar-27
  6. 86.
    A method and system for inviting and tracking participation of attendees in a conference call is disclosed. The method and system allows only one attendee to use a call-in password for the conference call and disconnects a previous attendee who joined the conference call using the same call-in password.
    IPCOM000216249D | 2012-Mar-26
  7. 87.
    A method of automatically subscribing a user to a topic of interest in a social network based on context extracted from electronic communications of the user is disclosed.
    IPCOM000216248D | 2012-Mar-26
  8. 88.
    Disclosed is a method to enable a calendar owner to provide information about any potential changes to a currently scheduled meeting event that is consumable via the calendar interface of the attendee. The method includes a function to indicate a level of probability that the meeting will or will not take place...
    IPCOM000216247D | 2012-Mar-26
  9. 89.
    A method and system is provided for regionalization of colloquialisms and spellings. The method and system focuses on regionalizing content as per a user of any communiqué.
    IPCOM000216246D | 2012-Mar-26
  10. 90.
    IPCOM000216245D | 2012-Mar-26