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    Method of automatically generating "Help" links for product UI components by inputting the component's textual content into an advanced relevancy search engine (e.g. IBM Watson) to identify relevant sections of documentation, thus avoiding the manual implementation and maintenance of documentation links.
    IPCOM000218293D | 2012-May-31
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    This article describes how we can leverage the NOA/NASA satellite monsoon rain data to optimize the rain collection using modified vessels. The process is to collect and analyze current and historical rain data and to build computer models to optimize rain cells location tracking. A new class of vessel, acting as...
    IPCOM000218292D | 2012-May-31
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    Disclosed is a method to allow common code to work with different Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementations. This approach avoids design compromises and does not force FPGAs to implement register spaces that might not be relevant to its system-specific needs. The idea is to divide FPGA register spaces...
    IPCOM000218291D | 2012-May-31
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    Disclosed is a method to allow the audience of a live music event to participate in the production by contributing mix adjustments they think should be made. Participants communicate their input to the mix engineer using a mixing application on their smart phones or hand-held devices. This allows the mix...
    IPCOM000218290D | 2012-May-31
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    Disclosed is a method of correlating the bending and the flexing of a display screen with the graphical content to be used as input. A user can then flex an Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED), or similar, display to reveal and obscure specific portions of the display. The bending and flexing allow a relative...
    IPCOM000218289D | 2012-May-31
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    System and method for optimizing installation of software in a multi-system virtual environment
    IPCOM000218288D | 2012-May-31
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    Create a security rating system to allow users to quantitatively compare to apps in an AppStore to make an educated decision on which one fits their security tolerance.
    IPCOM000218287D | 2012-May-31
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    What is proposed is a method to change the way URLS can be referenced when they are sent by a user or received in a web browser. When a reader selects a custom-anchor URL, their browser will open to the exact spot within an HTML page, rather than the top of the HTML page.
    IPCOM000218286D | 2012-May-31
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    Disclosed is a method to advertise to an individual or group based on their specified destination.
    IPCOM000218285D | 2012-May-31
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    Disclosed is a credit card usage method that provides the user with the tools and the means to control the payment amount, the time of the transaction, and the merchant with whom this transaction is made, without giving out the credit card number, even in a physical establishment. The novelty of the invention...
    IPCOM000218284D | 2012-May-31