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    IPCOM000219444D | Original Publication Date: 2012-Jun-30
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    Delivers 19 g/min at 40 slm N2 using existing vaporizer and control temperature (2X Improvement) Delivers 14 g/min vapor at worst case mass ratio condition of 20 slm N2 Potential to deliver > 30 g/min vapor with improved control scheme Control heater power based on DI flow rate and heat exchanger wall...
    IPCOM000219443D | 2012-Jun-29
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    The present invention relates to design of a steam turbine bucket, related assembly and friction damper pins. The design comprises a skewed fir tree root configuration and damper pin located in a pocket near the turbine blade’s cover.
    IPCOM000219442D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Recombinant human growth hormone has been successfully purified on the multimodal ion exchange resins CaptoTM adhere ImpRes and CaptoTM MMC ImpRes using ethanol/salt gradients (Capto adhere), decreasing pH gradients (Capto adhere) and increasing pH gradients (Capto MMC).
    IPCOM000219441D | 2012-Jun-29
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    IPCOM000219440D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Disclosed is a method with an algorithm to calculate the most probabilistic path in a repository for an item in an item-based versioning system having no configuration to provide context by which a user can identify a path.
    IPCOM000219439D | 2012-Jun-29
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    The idea of redundancy in protection and control IEDs and their different configurations to achieve higher reliability has been proposed. Three configurations Master-Slave, Slave-Master and Peer-Peer using the IEC61850 GOOSE communication profile are proposed. Here, the main IED used for protection and control is...
    IPCOM000219438D | 2012-Jun-29
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    The invention relates to a polarity detector pen that comprises one or more tension or compression springs, permanent magnet, a pen body having one inspection window to read the polarity.
    IPCOM000219437D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Here is proposed a method that adapts the Web user interface to the available bandwidth, so that when a limited available bandwidth is detected, the useless part of a server response will be minimized in order to keep the Web user responsiveness
    IPCOM000219436D | 2012-Jun-29
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    Here are proposed a system and method to fastly populate a database with the required performance test database data.
    IPCOM000219435D | 2012-Jun-29