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  1. 91.
    A system, method, and computer program product are provided for persona based telecommunication service subscriptions. Usage of a device is detected, and one of a plurality of personas configured for the device is determined to be associated with the usage of the device. Additionally, at least one telecommunication...
    IPCOM000219214D | 2012-Jun-26
  2. 92.
    A system, method, and computer program product are provided for automated non-sound operations by interactive voice response commands. In use, a command from an interactive voice response application is received. Additionally, a non-sound operation requested to be performed via the command is identified. Further,...
    IPCOM000219213D | 2012-Jun-26
  3. 93.
    Nowadays, software product will be translated into multiple languages, and the developer will resource out the translated string, in order to translate the string by translator. For example a JSP file could contains HTML, JAVA, and JavaScript, or a XSL file could contains HTML, XML, JavaScript. The...
    IPCOM000219206D | 2012-Jun-26
  4. 94.
    The disclosure is to provide a mechanism for intelligent enabling and disabling network protection rules based on host weakness. It provides a flexible way to adapt the rules and a precise protection for each hosts. That is, this is to propose a mechanism to allow the IPS rules adapt to end point states. After...
    IPCOM000219205D | 2012-Jun-26
  5. 95.
    Network application accepts all requests from any clients in case the client follows the protocol. This gives hacker chances to exploit the vulnerability of application. And, in some cases, unauthorized (unofficial) clients can erode the profit of service provider. The idea is to run a light-weight agent on the...
    IPCOM000219204D | 2012-Jun-26
  6. 96.
    In our invention, we pretreat the translation result using timing parameter to improve efficiency. Syllable is the measurement unit of the timing of each segment. For each segment,we calculate the timing by formula below. The 'time' parameter here is the timing of this syllable. The source segment timing and target...
    IPCOM000219203D | 2012-Jun-26
  7. 97.
    The full duplex relay, which can receive and transmit in the same wireless channel simultaneously, is a promising apparatus in cooperative communication system. However, in such relay system, since the transmit antenna is so close to the receive antenna, the received signal will be submerged or strongly interfered by...
    IPCOM000219202D | 2012-Jun-26
  8. 98.
    Counterfeit produce is commonly seen on the market, especially on farm products because they are low-value and low-profit, it is hard for such products to apply costly anti-counterfeit techniques. This disclosure proposes a method that combines the product and the label together, to form a unique identity which fake...
    IPCOM000219201D | 2012-Jun-26
  9. 99.
    People usually have multiple devices. These devices are with different network capabilities such as WiFi, 3.5G, 4G, WiMax, ethernet, and etc. This article proposes the idea to aggregate the network bandwidth of different devices and channels into a high-bandwidth network channel. An aggregation appliance is...
    IPCOM000219200D | 2012-Jun-26
  10. 100.
    Disclosed is a self-power IBM super IO that will allow user to enable dual display capability that does not require operating system support and configuration and can be configured by simply using an IBM LCD display daisy chain connection.
    IPCOM000219199D | 2012-Jun-26